-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

Toodle-oo 2009; Welcoming 2010!

Time flies. The curtain of the year of 2009 will be pulled down in 2 more days. And yet, another brand new theme of the show will be presented and carried out in the year of 2010. Please allow me to ask, what is the theme of yours? Have you figured it out?

Well...wishes, dreams, hopes, to-buy-lists, to-do-lists, are those stuff which came upon the mind of everyone. How about getting something differ from the others? Such as...what have I achieved across the current year? By asking in such a way, at least, you might recall your achievement(s). What next? Certainly it will be reviewing on yourself. Looking deeply into yourself by using the 'mirror of you', and sooner of later you will capture the strength(s) and weakness(es) in you. Try it out!

"Hey, update your blog by posting some interesting photo snapping! And tell us more what have you been doing all the while!" I was told by a friend. Em...I will, I will...promise that I will do it but definitely right now it is not the time. Firstly, the photos is not with me and secondly, it takes time for me to select a few from those tons of photos and post it up right on my blog. Reason? Oh well! We've been visiting to many tourist spots and that should be an impossible tasks for me to upload all of them in a day. *winks* (Honestly, I'm not bragging.)

Anyhow, back to the traditional style of writing.
Wishing each and everyone of you have a great and prosperity year ahead, happy 2010!
Bidding farewell to 2009; warmest greetings to 2010!

Posting up a little sharing, 2 of the photos which I captured during Alor Setar trip.

#1 - The highest building in Alor Setar, Telekom Malaysia. (My favourite)

#2 - I saw this aroma thingy when we were having our dinner at a Thai-style restaurant.

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Mr Santa, anyone?

The 25th of December, Christmas
It falls on every year but this year...
What a breezy night
"Mr Santa, anyone?" uttered Ms Santa

Standing at the garage, unaccompanied
Looking up upon the sky, alone
Without the existence of the stars, imperfect
Wishing for Mr Santa to be here, wished

Looking at the pictures of yours
Wondering how well have you been doing
Transformed into a better one or, still remain unchanged?
Just....wondering, nothing special

PS : Snapped the picture with my cell phone, sorry for the low-quality outcome. I love this picture and the ambiance which reflects.

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The very first word, casual, this is very very casual post, again I'm pretty sure. Well, I have been hosting 4 days of my YE (Youth Exchange) who came far away from Japan, Osaka to Malaysia, Penang, and she is currently staying with me, and she will be making herself as comfortable as her home in Malaysia for a neither short nor long period, a 3 weeks' time.

Frankly speaking, for the first 2 days, I was kinda nervous and I started to feel exhausted and kinda losing my mind by the time I found out that we (my YE and me) could hardly understood each other due to communication barrier. However, after we have been mingling around for few more days, sooner and right now, extremely big acting of body language is no longer a necessity when we are communicating and please allow me to say it proudly that, the ice wall which lies between us has broken through. We got to know each other more and more throughout the outings, and I started to learn some Japanese language from her. Saying that from the bottom of my heart, she's truly madly deeply a great tomodachi (google up this word, it's a worth-learning word).

Uhmm... I just came back from attending the Welcoming dinner for the 7 YEs held in Stonebay Restaurant. There came a time when I was given the opportunity, speaking up on behalf of my hosting family. Well... my mind was totally a blank when I was appointed by my daddy to make a speech as he declined to be on the stage. Err...that's not the main point actually. The gist is that I really am, appreciating especially to my parents, where they allowed the family to host a YE, and I can assure that this is the first time my daddy attended to the functions of Lions or Leos. I wonder how daddy thinks about the function, but...I still, have to thank him and dearest mummy for allowing me to join the club as a Leo.

A casual blog, coming up with a casual title, and ended up with a casual closing. Appreciating! Thanks Lions and Leos! Last but most importantly, thanks to my YE, too! Leos, Roar!

PS: I will not be able to update my Blog as frequent as previous time, but I promise I will try. =)

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Tick-tock Tick-tock~ dripping sound of the rain can be easily heard
The blues hidden, which can't be seen easily through her poker face
Breathe, was the only thing that she has been gasping for
Aims and ideas were still, never gathered at the moment
Crystal clear thoughts will never ever flashed in her mind

Flower scent were spreading all around
None of the flowers was plucked, unfortunately, pathetically
Water, oxygen and sunlight are reliable from one to another
Transformation by the bees is foreseen as a necessity

Weighting has vastly increased, warning alarm has rung continuously
Investigation was carried out, tons of emptiness was the outcomes
Tools, a mask has been wearing ever since she is born
Undiscovered mystery will be disclose, will it be the day of unmasking herself nudely?

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Saggi Baby!

Saggi baby is here! Celebrating my 20-ties for the past 2 days.
14th of December, it is my big day.
Well, birthday celebration for this year was indeed full of pranks, surprises and...tearfulness (being touched). *blushed*

Thanks to my Daddy, Mummy, Brother, cousin, and friends who dropped by on Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and Text me for a birthday wish. Birthday messages were all flying and had been surrounding me for the past 2 days. Well, I shall let the photos to do the speaking. Enjoy!

The earliest present was sent on the 9th of Dec into my E-mail in-box, specially requested by Akira, designed and drawn by Kemy. That's lovely, thank you so much!
On the 14th of Dec, the very first wishes dropped by in Akira's blog.
Click here! (It is written in Mandarin)

On 14th Dec morning, received a birthday present by Daddy, Mummy and my brother - A set of Altec Lancing VS2620 speaker
My brother prank me by giving me a small, separate present, but actually it was the adapter. *blushed*

After receiving the present from my family, these are the second gift. A home-made cheese cake with Ferrero Rocher topping, and a necklace by Joel. Thanks man!

Still, on the same day, went to Gurney Plaza Red Box (a karaoke lounge) with my course mates. A blouse and a coin purse gifted by Gaik Mooi, Amely and Khai Tzong. Thank you so much!!!

Avon products by my bestie, Fion. Lovely...thank you my dear! (She loves Avon products I suppose *winks*)

Went for a movie with 2 of my friends at night, "The Princess and The Frog", what a nice movie! I laughed out loudly throughout the whole movie!
A birthday card by Steven.

Another birthday present by Akira. Frankly, I do not know what should I call it, all I know is it will keep shaking its head no matter how hard I begged him to nod his head, it happens when it meets sunlight as it is a solar-based.

Another gift, "P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern". A gift from a friend who is a novel lover, there's no one else besides Akira, *LOL*! Thank you again! In addition, thanks for the dinner which came with a group of people singing birthday song for me. How surprising it is!

Stepping into my 20-ties right now.
And I shall act wisely and think carefully like an adult. *winks*
Thank you everyone, I had a great 20th birthday. I love you guys!
Especially the unforgettable prank in Leo Camp.

Last but most importantly, Happy 2010!
And...Happy birthday to me, myself - Saggi Baby!

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Time Flies

This is gonna be a casual way of writing, a simple and random post regarding what I have been doing all the while since my exam is over.

Soon after my exam, time flies as fast as lightning. See...now it's almost mid of December. And what have I been doing all the while? I went out for gatherings, attending the projects carried out by our Leo Club of Georgetown Mutiara, and I even went to a 3 days and 2 nights Leo Camp held in Balik Pulau White Resort, including helping one of my friend, Akira to design a simple booklet for his coming 3 days and 2 nights Childrens' Camp. Hey man, I'm appreciating it for giving me such a honor to hold up this position (as a Booklet Designer).

Well, let's talk about my Leo Camp. I'm sure each and everyone of you guys will ask me did I enjoy the camp and how was the camp going on, ain't it? Great enough I should say it! What else could I say more? Frankly I did enjoy everything to the fullest, memorable stuffs were all stored and be remembrance. Despite there were some issues which once almost pulled me down for my day, but proudly and happy to say that everything is over and at least I did something to cherish myself. Besides, Lions and Leos had given me the best and most unforgettable 20th birthday-prank-celebration. You've got me man, seriously! By the way, thank you guys for the hard-work-prank creation and I almost burst out in the end. Frighten arousing and surprising created unexpectedly for me. Still....fresh in mind until today.

Birthday right? Yea....few more days for me to go to enjoy my 'teens', after all, I'll be stepping into 'twenties' and am no longer considered as a teenager anymore, ain't it? Kelvin urged me to get a boy-friend at my age to nurture my life. I was laughing out loudly when I was reading his comment. (If you guys wish to refer here is the link) Yes yes I will get one but not so soon, erm...reason? Ask 'Feeling' then. *LOL* For my birthday wish right, I don't have much besides the common one which is hoping me and my family and of course to those all of my friends, wishing all of them will be doing great and absolutely healthy is the most important.

In the month of December, that's the busiest month in the year. Know why? Yea...I kept on attending friends' birthday party from one to another. What more...it's almost half a month left in stepping into another brand new year-2010. Everybody, are you guys ready for 2010? For me, I'd say yes! I'm ready for the challenges to come, the obstacles to face and stuffs to train and polish myself up in order to be Myself of being as a 'twenties'.

Actually, I loathe on composing my post in such a casual way. I have been doing it all the while in a formal way of writing. No choice but I have to do it in this way because 24 hours in a day is definitely not enough, not enough! I need more! Other than needing time badly, most importantly is I need income seriously! *Sob*

Anyhow, I'd like to apologize to my buddy right here, Ai Phing. I knew I shouldn't keep on commenting you in such a way which indirectly hurting you, and of course myself, too. Everybody knew that it was an accident and it was way out of your control. Keeping on pulling your legs is something neither fun nor amusing. Sincerely apologizing to you right over my Blog, hoping that I will gain you back, oops no! should be glad and cherished for forgiving me for my stupidity behavior and act caused. Thanks and I love you! (Please don't misinterpret, I'm not a lesbian *blushed*)

Lastly, wishing everyone has a splendid and great time spending before the warmest welcoming the year of 2010. Before that, thanks to my parents for bringing me up and accompanying by my side whenever I need them the most. Absolutely right that they have been molding me into such a healthy and bright girl. Mummy, Daddie and Bro, proudly shouting out that I'm turning into 20-ies. I love you guys!!! Happy 2010!

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After exam, what's next?

"Finally" has becoming a more and more popular word which usually can be seen in most of my course mates' latest post in their Blog. Why? Yes, and you have got it right! Our toughest examination nightmares had just over! What a relief! Throughout the three subjects, I hoped that I did well for them; otherwise, I do hope at least I get a pass for all of them.

After exam, what's coming up next?? Well, unlike the others, I neither spend much of my leisure time watching and after the TVB series, anime, nor relaxing at home. As I might place myself under the "active & on the go" group. *winks* Well, needless to list down what is my to-do-task, or my on-the-go upcoming activities. That's pretty good and I'm glad that I've got a best friend, who I named after "portable hard disk" (PHD). *Blushed* This "portable hard disk" is absolutely the most unique, one and the only in this entire world. Pre-reminders, morning calls, and etc are all PHD's top multifunction! See, how good it is! However, I should appreciate for being PHD's friend, as I received a number of knowledgeable inputs.

Well, does everyone wear a mask? If they do, how often do they change it? "Be it yourself, put your best foot forward in it, and that is what you and everyone have to do." A friend told me this.
I will take up this and implement it on my role, I can do it, can't I? *winks*

Listening to the calming songs, Kenny G's album where one of his songs has reminisced me back to the past. It should be a few years ago, I suppose. It should now has became a nostalgic for me and it would always be kept as the sweetest and most memorable memories. The moment by Kenny G

Another photo sharing which I personally ranked 4 stars out of 5 for it. Reason? "Feeling" is the best reason of whatever I could think of. How do you rate it then?

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Should be my bed time but...

I know it is supposed to be my bed time now. Furthermore, I should be getting enough of rest in order to prepare myself for the final exam on tomorrow. However, I am suffering from insomnia right at this moment. Besides blog-ing it out, what more better could I do, if I am not covering myself under the cold blanket and shedding out tears.

Things seems to be coming and going at the wrong timing. It happened in such a sudden. Fixed-line had been kept ringing non-stop for the day, my sixth sense told me something was not right. And true enough, it just turned out to what we were predicting. Within a few hours, the ring of death has taken Him away from us. Someone whom I respected the most had just departed, to somewhere which is still, an unknown to us.

Apologizing and please do forgive me for unable to turn up, paying You the very last respect although I wished that I can be there. May Your soul do rest in peace. You will forever be remembered, deeply in our heart.

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I'd like to dedicate this to whom who has been part of my life
Thanking you for making my life brighter and colorful
An appreciation spilled out from the deepest of my sincere heart


My Parents
Who brought me to this beautiful world
I am, appreciating them for the chance given
To be standing here, sight seeing the Mother Nature

My Brother
Who has been accompanying me since the day I was born
I am, appreciating him for the kindness and warmth
To be sitting right beside, giving advices and courage

My Friends
Who has been mixing around, playing with me
I am, appreciating them for being part of my life
To be noted down for my nostalgic growth

My Soul
Who plays an essential role as my faithful listener
I am, appreciating her for the willingness and patience
To be lying down, listening to my booby bedtime stories

No matter how much you liked or loathed on something
Try to...Appreciate it
Things should not be taking as for granted
Limit in one's self has the boundaries
Once crossed
Sorry, no more second try
That is why we are here
Learning the word - Appreciate

PS: Egoistic can be either positive or negative
My advice is, use it wisely
Otherwise, it will end up hurting yourself and friends around you

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RIP James

He's the great guy
He's a friendly guy
He's always optimistic
He's always cherish
He's good at expressing himself through blog

Nothing much to be written
Here The news of him.
The incident was taken place at 5:30pm where the three students from UTAR were drowned after they were swept away by strong current at the Batu Berangkai waterfalls yesterday.
Hardly to believe that he was the one of them.

A freezing blog that will left unwritten - James Khor
Do rest in peace.
Forever be remembered.

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A stage

Frankly speaking, in order to stand on the stage, presenting for any event or any kind of activity is not an easy job nor a difficult task. What more if you are standing in front of a crowd? Or should I say it, in other words, in a complex? *shivering*

Well, first thing first, you should have the confidence, I mean in you yourself. Once you are confidence enough, anything spoken out by you or any action done by you shall be summarize in the one, and the only word - Beautiful. Yes, no doubt, Beautiful. A friend told me of it, "Be more confidence, believing in yourself, and act towards what do you think it is right, needless to ask more about it, (just like the slogan of Nike - Just Do It!)."

Before hand, I seemed to be the one who is lacking of confidence in myself. Somehow, soon after I got convinced by a few people. I am now, very thankful to my Leo Club President and Vice President, absolutely I'd like to thank to the Adviser Lion May, for suggesting and electing me to be the MC (Master of Ceremony) for their event, "Think Green, Be Green". Of course, not to forget my partner, Leo SP, too. *winks* Thanking you people for giving me such a great learning opportunity, providing me ways of direction, distinct effective training, endless supportive and encouragements, and last but most importantly, connecting me one step nearer towards my self-assured.

Although it is common to experience a tied-tongue on a stage when you are nervous; but, I still, took a deep breathe before I went on to the stage, and finally, I managed to conquer my fear without showing it through my face, and started my hosting with my partner confidently. (Sorry that I mentioned a few words wrongly in the beginning)

Fellow friends, I might not be performing well for the past event nor up to the professional level, but somehow, I had collected my courage and braveness, and gave it a try! I'm willing to learn and absorb as much as I can, and special thanks to Akira, for being the instructor, who has been pumping in endless inputs (of course a positive suggestions) and has been leading me to the right path for carrying things out. Arigatou gozaimasu!

For the compliments which I had received from the Lions after the event, I shall keep it deep inside my heart, and I will perceive it as a power to motivate me in the future! Roar!!!

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Artist of the Month - Yolanda Adams

For this month, allow me to introduce 1 song which motivates and inspires me whenever I'm lost.
I have to express my greatest appreciation to my dear friend, Mun, because she randomly bluetooth this song into my cellphone. Thanks! *huggies*

Yolanda Adams - Never Give Up

Here are parts of my picks from her lyrics, for full length, click! here

Visions that can change the world
Trapped inside an ordinary girl
She looks just like me
To afraid to dream out loud
To fulfill your life's purpose
You've gotta answer when you're called
So don't be afraid to face the world
Against all odds
So, keep the dream alive don't let it die
If something deep inside keeps inspiring you to try
Don't stop
And never give up; don't ever give up on you...

An inspiring song, meaningful lyrics.
You shall give it a play, once, at least once and I bet you will be falling in love with her.
Here! If you wished to play this song. Enjoy!

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Bestie's 20th Birthday

26th of October 2009
That was a meaningful date. It was my bestie's birthday! Happy Birthday, Fion!!!
There were seven of us, who shared the birthday present among us and celebrated with her in the college cafeteria.
Wait no more, let the photos speak for the rest.

That's her present, look at the birthday card, they're lovely aren't they?

At first, we set a prank on her by just giving her a small piece of birthday wishing card in the class. "Sorry Fion, we had a hectic month and sorry again for neglecting you, we did not prepare anything but...but just this small card, hopefully you'd like it, Happy Birthday!" I said to her. Guess what? She duly nodded her head, and thanked us. (I knew she wasn't in the celebration mood, the body was not working well for the day)

After our class, me and Amely tip-toe to the cafeteria. Intelligently, Amely hid the huge box behind her. Soon after the seven of us gathered at the cafe, we surprised her with the present which had prepared earlier. I guess she was too excited to receive such an extra large size of present.
Here she goes, she's curious enough to have a peep into the hidden stuff in the bear-themed box.

(Due to certain circumstances, I have to grab 2 pictures from Fion's blog)
Here you go, the bear which trapped in the box for days, and now, she (Fion named her after Diploma) finally meets her owner, Fion. =)

May all your wishes come true, birthday girl!

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Smart Nite 2009

Let me bring your attention to the successfully organized Smart Nite which held on 25 October 2009 at E&O Hotel.
I was invited to the so-called prom night a.k.a. form 5 graduation night.
Coming up are some sharing which I managed to snap but, but...but using the camera of my cell phone. Sorry for the low-quality of 3.2 mega pixels although it is a cyber-shot camera. However, the quality has decreased after I made a zoom, zoom, and zoom in. Frankly speaking, there's a reason behind that, I was arranged to be seated in the very last table, hence, I have no choices but to keep zooming it. *Sigh*

Pass ticket for Smart Nite 2009. (For staff, just like me, is a free entry, hooray!)

This is the overall stage design for Smart Nite 2009.

Performance by primary students - "I have a dream".

The performance of "Vivacious Vanessa" - which is one of the sponsors for the night.
Awesome! Look at the models, there are form 3 students. (Sorry for the quality)

Oops! Forget to mention about the food served in E&O Hotel.
Look at this, the food are delicious and delightful. Worth it!!
(But too sad they did not serve oysters and barbecue stuff)

That's me! What happened to my hair? Don't worry, I did a temporary DIY perm by myself. *Hehe* Thanks to the tools which I borrowed from my friend.

Congratulations to Be Smart Learning center for the successful and wonderful night.
Last but most importantly which I should not miss it out, credits to my employer - Mr. Eddie

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Ain't Perfect for The Ugly Truth

How do you define perfect in your dictionary? In mine, Perfect means something which is complete, excellent, and delightful in all perspective in a person or a task.
However, there is no perfect guy/girl in our own point of view as we tend to judge others before ourselves.
Realizing weaknesses walks along hand-in-hand with strengths as well. We observed, we analyzed, we thought, and last but most importantly we will judge. That's how the judging process works.

One's characteristic is usually shaped and molded from their family background since they were a small little girl/boy. It can be viewed as their unique culture which is practiced daily, every hours, every minutes and every seconds. When two people is seeing each other, they start to alter their own lifestyle (which have been practicing for years), in order to suit their the other half, I'm sure each and everyone of you will surely be going through this stage (probably you're not, but it's just a matter of time), which I used to name it after "stage of falling in love".

That's what I can conclude with the quote of don't judge a book by its cover.
It can be a nicely wrapped, creatively decorated chocolate but with a bitter taste; or vice versa.
Judge it or love it, it is in your hand.

-If you judge people, you have no time to love them-
-By Mother Teresa-

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What is life about?

Apologize came before words, sorry for neglected you, my blog for a certain period of time.
"Busy, busy and busy life" was what I used to uttered to my friends whenever they came across asking, "Hey girl, how're you doing?"

In fact, I have been busy for nothing, nothing!
My mind wondered around and soulless all the time.
At times, "What is life about?" have been keep popping up in my mind.
"What are human being after for?" is one of my booby thought.
Money? Love?
Friendship? Family?

My Life
I want to live my life to the fullest, can't I?
I want to be a happy soul, can't I?
I just want to be happy all the time, can't I?
I desire a life with no worries, possible?
I wish to meet people around with my poker face, am I capable to?
I love seeing people around me smiling everyday, it's hard isn't it?

My Study
I wanted to concentrate on my study, but ended up I'm loitering around, spending my leisure time hanging on useless stuff.
I promised myself no more last-minute work, in the end?
I kept telling myself, "Start your revision now!", but.. but piles of events are coming one after one, what shall I do?
Tons of assignments is pushing me kinda hard, where my laziness kept procrastinate it almost to the due date, I loathe myself for being such a way.

My Family
No doubt that recently I spent a lesser time being with you all, I'm sorry.
Turning a cold shoulder towards me ain't a good solution, too, ain't it?
It drives me nuts whenever you tried to bear all the sufferings and pressure on your tiny shoulder but in fact, those additional is actually none of your business, stop worrying over that alright?
Stop pretending that there seems to be many worries floating on your mind.
Stop letting your mind leads you around, and please, please avoid turning a deaf ear over a conversation. It hurts!

My Society
"Oh wow! Awesome, your calender is always fully reserved! Lists of appointment awaits you!"
Joining too many clubs and society is a way of being healthy, ain't it?
However, there comes the consequences as well, pressure... pressure and pressure keep pushing me up to the highest boiling point. I can hardly stand it anymore.

My Job
The working time isn't match with mine, either way.
Stop thinking about the little sum of wages, I told myself, and pushed myself hard whenever my alarm knocks me for working time.

My Leisure Time
I enjoyed being with you.
But I can't, for tons of tons of reasons.
I wanna be with you.
But I can't, again, due to several reasons.
I wanna love you.
But I can't, freedom loves me more than I do.
Being cold and being emotional, that's me.
Preferable to be left alone, that's me.
Wanting to travel down the road by myself, that's me.
Wishing to gain more conscious, slap me and wake me up please.
I'm sorry for everything, whichever done or undone, forgive me.
Since the day we met, I'm no longer being myself, not anymore.
I've changed, I've transformed, neither to the positive nor to the negative side.
I was lost, for the sake of searching back the real me.

What is life for??
Are we study hard duly in obtaining a piece of certificate? What next?
Are we working hard in order to get a stable financial support? What next?
Are we mixing around in order to rapport a good relationship?
Are we living for the purpose of living?

Having a hectic life too??
Hitting a pause, slow down your step, lay back and starting thinking of what you want and wish to achieve.
At times, we tend to lost ourselves after doing routines task.
Are you tired? Are you lost, too?

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