-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

On Vacation

Currently on my vacation, I'm now in Kuala Terenggannu.
Will be posting more and more pictures soon.
Sharing 1 of the pictures of my shooting which taken on last Saturday.
Stay tuned~ for more..

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Experiencing a new Jes

Thank you, thank you and thank you! =)
Repeating to be grateful to those photographers who are currently has became friends of mine, had brought me back my confidence, I'm using "Appreciate" this only word to describe how I felt.
Gaining a new kind of experience, starting up a new episode of life and having a satisfactory sensation are all what I get from the shooting. Frankly speaking, I did enjoy it deeply and was feeling extremely great! (I hoped I did a great job as well)

Spending almost three quarter of my day in Gurney, as I'm the lucky one who get picked by a friend who is currently pursuing her make-up beauty course, being her make-up model in order to complete her last assignment in her examination. We tried out different style of "Fantasy look", and finally caught an inspiration. And ending up I will be looking really W.I.L.D., you are trying to imagine it now, aren't you? I count on her that she is able to do it extremely well during the day of examination. Best of luck to you, my dear.

Half an hour more to 2 A.M. in the morning, and my heavy eye lids are chasing me to bed right now. I'm halfway torn out for these 2 days, good news that I'm on my way getting my vacation, soon. Looking forward for it excitingly. Good Night, everyone!
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Sorry, my dear friends =)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am now enjoying a period of 3 weeks semester break. Failing to grab myself a part time job, instead, I end up hanging out with my bestie and fellow friends which currently seems to be making myself being occupied with outdoors. I had lot of activities done with my fellow friends for the past 1 week and a half. For instance, hiking, badminton match, jogging, movies, and window shopping. Furthermore, I went to one of the famous colleges in Penang to enquire details regarding the degree program they offered. But still, I'm in doubt of where to further my postgraduate. Looking for scholarships is one of my considerations in it as well.

My dear friend, time is precious and limited, hence, appreciate and fully utilize it. Feeling strange for why I am saying so? No doubt, let's figure out an answer towards your curiosity. A day ago, 2 of my friends started to complain to me saying that whenever there's an outings or function, they have to inform me at least 1 week in advance. They were saying the exactly similar idea though they do not know each other. Ha-ha! "You seems to be very busy and I can hardly hang out with you, so I decided to date you out on next week. By giving you 1 week in advance, bet you will have no more excuses for not turning up. *winks*", said the 2 of them.
What more could I say? "Ha-ha! I'm not as busy as what you said, perhaps, blame it on the wrong timing. *weehee*", I answered.

By the way, I need to apologize sincerely to few of my friends whom I rejected or unable to turn myself up for the invitation. Currently preparing myself for an event for this coming Saturday, and it's gonna be my day! (Clarifying that it's neither a wedding nor a birthday party)
Do keep in touch, buddy! I can be reached at anytime by just giving my a ring but promise it's not in the wee hours. *winks*

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If This Isn't Love - Contrary

Dear A....
Today is a blue Monday.
From the view of mine, everything I saw was in blue.
Wondering will someone after me?
Or should we try to view it 180 degree overturned? I always ask....
"Do you realize I am the one who is walking on your shadow? Bet you never will."

Dear B....
You used to remind me that the sun is always shines where the sky is blue.
You did cheer me up in every second and every minute.
I deeply appreciate it though I might disappoint you. You always say....
"Willing to stay by your side, sacrificing my time made me feel worth it."

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Tagged - 10 Random Facts About Me

Thanks to Nathary and Panharath for the tag. (I have to start scratching my head, and knowing more about me myself, now.) Below are the 10 random facts about me.

1. Absent minded
Not to say about reading a book, but memorizing facts for my examination or test, I always get myself messed up with all those information which previously 'installed' perfectly in my brain. Guess what? I have been trying to use mind-mapping for the solution. And hopefully, I can get over with it now.

2. Hating liars
If telling a lie is one of the practice you used to have, get it off right now! I mean it! I loathe liars who managed to telling lie around and yet, they still return you with a "smile", treating as nothing is big deal about speaking falsely. Wondering are they able to sleep tight or getting nightmares every night, afraid of their lies will be exposed, in the future??

3. Blogging
Realizing that myself be fond of blogging nowadays. Reading others' blog is a way to enhance myself, my language, my thought, at the mean time, collecting and storing new vocabulary into my vocab-pocket. As what I used to say, "Blog is a way to express." Blogging, allows someone especially those belongs to the type of introvert to speak up their mind, to express their blues and joys, and sharing the moment of joyful and tearful virtually. (There is always TIME boundary of which we can hardly attend every functions, hence, we can be shared it through our blog.)

4. I'm a Saggi
I was born in the month of December, as everyone knows, it's the month of Sagittarius. According to various horoscope-fortune-telling, they describe Saggi as someone who is flirtatious, unfaithful, and fell in love easily with anonymous. However, I strongly believe that I am a person who is kinda loyal, I can sometimes be flirtatious to those friends of whom I have befriended for years, or in other words, my bestie. Admitting that I am a person who is easily to like someone (means having a strong, and weird feeling towards someone such as wanting to know more about that particular person), but...but...BUT never ever categorized me in the group of "falling in love".

5. In love with Korea!
Korea culture, Korea language, Korean Drama, Korean dishes and etc are all my favourite. What can be concluded is, "I love Korea!". No doubt, I will fill up my free time by watching Korean Drama and starting to learn about the language and the culture practised by the Korean. What more about travelling? Definitely I'll be voting Korea as one of my favourite vacation to-go-list.

6. Cool VS Friendly
My impression to everyone. Trust me, each and everytime when I receive feed backs on my first impression from my friends, they will be saying "Hey! Why were you looking so down and cool on our first met?". In fact, I'm neither trying to be looking cool nor not into the mood. That probably is because when I was thrown into a new environment where I have to start everything from scratch (from ice-breaking, getting to know new friends to mixing around), I prefer to stay quiet and observing the others until I am motivated by the others, only the words will be uttered out from my golden-sealed-mouth. Perhaps, during the whole process, I am being really cool. Discovering it by yourself and I bet you will be surprised after knowing me for a certain period - a friendly me.

7. Able to read basic body language
Believe it or not, what is playing on a person's mind can be shown out through his/her body language. In other words, body languages speaks one's mind. I'm not bragging as I am able to read one's body language. Having the ability of reading one's wants or needs is one of the reason why I am proud of myself.

8. Dress code
I used to stick to simple and nice in dressing up myself. Fancy earrings, necklaces and bracelets are not something I'm very particular with, including make-up. Probably it ends up making me looks like someone who is unfashionable.

9. Loving English
As a Malaysian, I'm proud of myself of the ability of speaking the language of English, Mandarin, Malays and other dialects such as Hokkien, Cantonese and Hainan. However, among these languages, I prefer in exposing myself more to English. Although I noted that my English is not as good as some of my friends, but I'm willing to learn and improve it. I promise!

10. Finishing the game, now!!
Couldn't believe my eyes that I'm about to finish the game. Hopefully you enjoy reading it. =)

Tagging few of my friends as below:
1. WenJun 2. Amely 3. LinCheong 4. Papercut 5. SueAnne
6. Zack 7. KenJoo 8. FionLim 9. NelsonTeh 10. Angeline

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It has been a long period since we stay apart. Few questions have been playing nakedly in my mind for months.

"Will You blame me for what I did?"
"Did I make a wise choice after all?"
"What is the actual reason which lies beneath in You?"

If You feel like confess to me, please do so, and go ahead as I ever wish you can.
Those people who desire to see you to turn into a new leaf are either me, Your family or Your close friends, and we really mean it. If my writing seems to no evil, forget about everything, then.
I attempted in seeking for a reason to forgive You, however, can you make sense over it?

A friend asked: "Have you had a sense of regretting? Still in the mood for the relationship?"
I'm losing my mind for searching for the exact answer. The questions which thrown by my friend has caused my mood turned upside down. I consoled and stopped myself from an over-thought, and it helps, perhaps??

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I'm back!

I'm back, after getting through a difficult, tough semester I ever had.
A complex and yet released feeling are struggling in my deepest heart. I'm happy because my exam is finally over; however, I'm depressed as worrying over how will my results looks like on the 10th August. Com'on, feel the atmosphere of FREEDOM like nobody else do, and fully utilize my 3 weeks of semester break by doing something I have been wishing and wanting!

Throughout the whole semester (which is approximately 16 weeks), I had been loaded with mountainous of assignments, tests, presentations and EXAM! Stressed, Insomnia and lost appetite are all the symptoms which came knocking at my health door one after one. Fortunately, I'm glad and pleased to be informed that my hard work of assignments has actually paid off handsomely. Hopefully it works out the same way in my exam. Sigh...

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