-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

Take it easy

Life can be indeed very challenging; however it can be the other way round. I used to think that the everything doesn't work fairly when I met up with obstacles, when things do not work out as smoothly as I wished it would be. There seems to be various ways for different people at different situation to express their anger, or perhaps their depression. How about me? Absolutely I have my own way to. Sometimes I prefer to take a breezy walk along the beach; sometimes I do Blog; or I might be texting with my buddy to vent, and so on.

Will it sound so silly to roll down your tears whenever you're not in the mood? Some might agree but some might not. I personally will not be standing on both parties, instead I'd voice out it depends on what situation is actually going on. The only explanation is, I belong to this group of people, I myself, a person who might be classified as timid but brave at times; labeled as being happy-go-lucky but getting into depression too easily.

I do not get bothered on how would my readers feel after reading this post, BUT the only thing I am going to say is I AM HERE FOR VENTING! Please stop it now if you are worrying that I might be doing sort of silly stuff. I am thankful for everything as long as I am still healthy alive right now and still be able to blog. Great Enough.

I have been procrastinating my new blog entry on introducing my trip to Japan as a Youth Exchange Student. Swear that I really love and enjoy sharing things out, BUT BUT but...put the blame on blogger homepage where we are only allowed to upload 5 of our photos each time; unlike Facebook where we can create our photo album and upload as much as 200 photos freely and instantly by just a few clicks. Admitting that I might be slightly slobby, I will try my very best to click on "New Post" whenever I stick my ass on the desktop chair.

Now, I am going to name this entry as "Take it easy". Take my advise, whenever you are or wherever you are, takes thing as easy and as simple as you can. Life will be much more better if you are taking them on the positive side and not to be influenced by those negative thoughts.

Happy belated V-day to all of you.

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