-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

The baby lizard murderer

It was a pretty cold night, where the girl just had her long and warmth shower after a cool rainy afternoon, and soon, she proceed to the balcony.

It was gloomy dark at the balcony, so she intended to switch on the light, but...."Naw! Let's go green and save the mother earth, more energy consumed if I switch on the light. Moreover, I can still see my fingers although it's in the dark", she murmured to herself.

Meanwhile, she thought of checking out the latest stuff in Facebook soon after she's done with her laundry. So, she quicken up everything and marched to her room. After the second marched, she froze, "Hmm.....something is wrong!!! Did I just stepped on something softy? Or...is it just probably a dirt?". No doubt, she twisted her head back, with a blur vision looking down on the floor and questioned herself, "What the hell is the darky stuff?".

She hestitated a while before turning on the light. Oh G-O-S-H! A bloody stain was left behind on the tile, her curiosity was killing her, so she squatted down and took a peep. "OH MY HELL GOD!!!", she screamed and hopped to the toilet bowl and started washing her feet with plenty of body soap. She's the murderer! She's the murderer! Only guilts filled up in her mind. A tiny, baby lizard was lying dead on the tile, with the tiny tail pumping and waving weakly as if it was calling for a rescue.

She lost her rational at that moment, hence, she begged for the mother's help. The mother spontaneously wrapped the body with a few pieces of tissue and dumped it into the bin and consoled her, "Everything's fine right now, my dear." The girl put herself in guilt, and prayed for the baby lizard. May the baby lizard rest in peace.

*Based on a true, real life story. It was just an accident with no any harmful intention. Exaggerations ways of writing may be included and it is just for sharing purposes.

P.S.: Obviously, 'the girl' in the story is nobody else but the author of the Bloggie, Ms Jesyca.

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Well...people nowadays tends to be tongue tied to the common quote, 'An apple a day, keeps the doctor away'. However, in fact, be it sincere that how many of us do practice eating apples daily? Ironically, actions speak louder than words, sometimes we ought to admit.

Laughter, is one of a very impressive way of staying youth as our age increases. Well...do not get bothered if you are tired of munching an apple a day, what else you gotta do is just have a smile, or a laugh. Exactly, that is my quote, 'A joke a day that keeps you young forever'. =)

My dear reader(s), have you ever wondered I've been spending a lesser time blogging, if you do realize it. To be more precise, there's actually reasons behind. For the sake of 'sensitivity', hence I could not blog as freely as I used to, could not express out loudly as I used to. In other words, think twice before I write. It works out the similar way where the law of "ISA-Internal Security Act" was imposed in Malaysia.

Blogging should be fun, I know. So I am making myself to smile at least once a day to boost up my moody mood, or a more general word spelled as 'emo'. Friends, please smile and make everyday as your day!


Japanese instrument.
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