-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.


Rains pouring, showering every creature
The flowers, the grass, the roads and the soil
Each drop of rains are actually dancing rhythmically
Rainbows always shown after rain, am wishing so do you.

Recently I have tons and tons, piles and piles of ups and downs emotions, wanting to blog'em up, but sad case that I couldn't spare out the extra time for blogging. I know I know, some of you gonna tell me, 'Bad time-management' or 'Time is always on your hand, depends on how are you gonna manage it'. Yea, I agree with the above mentioned, as I used to telling my friends about the exact, same thing, too.

Well...for the past few days, as I still managed to recall, I was poured with happiness and surprises. Promising I will blog them one by one when it comes to the right time. I think I will let my pictures speak on my behalf, I know wordy bloggie isn't attractive compared to pictures and colorful stuff. =)

Making fun with my friend's spec. Look nerd right?
PS: Saw the color of my hair??? =)

Celebrating 21st birthday for bestie (from left: Me, Elisa and Janet)
Loving the color tone of my hair.

Leo Activities: Recycled Project at Residence Area.
It was a project where I found it very interesting and fun-doing, as if I'm contributing a little but not much, at least, to our Mother Earth.
(PS: I had my hair dyed on the day before)

Leo Activities, again: Joint Installation
Congratulate to all those new Leos who's now joining the big family, being officially installed as a Leo.

Yes, sorry to bore you, Leo activities: Service Starts From Home - Care For the Elderly

Being an Emcee for a Vegetarian Food Fair organized by Triple Wisdom Hall.
Beside me is my partner, Dew Lim. She's lovely and pretty, isn't she?

Erhmm, should I classify him as my senior?
He's the one who taught me a lot no matter in Leo or being an Emcee, he's no one else but Kim, I used to call him Uncle Kim, punishment for him calling me after funny and crappy names. *evil laugh*

Spot me!
Yea, this is Malaysian-Chinese culture, we do enjoy holding lanterns on Mid-Autumn Festival, together the celebration goes on with mooncake.
(Reminiscing of the past)

Introducing another pretty and youthful lady, Vivien.
She came along the way from Kuala Lumpur and joined us for the event.

No doubt that's me! We were asked to pose in a funny and creative way.

Attended my bestie's graduation ceremony.
PS: Congratulations!!! And all the best!

Lastly, I fell in love with Bloop de Paris - puff blusher. Especially the youthful pinky tone.
They are adorable and irresistible! Pampering myself with this product.

That's it for this post, probably it's overloaded activities that hold within a month.
What more? It's a superbseptember!

Introducing the song that I'm recently madly in love with.
Just A Dream Cover (Nelly) - Jason Chen & Vincent Joseph

Youtube at here.
Facebook for Jason Chen is right here.

PS: Vincent looks cool in this clip!

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Ferris Wheel

A Ferris Wheel also known as observation wheel or big wheel, according to Wikipedia.
(Picture from Wikipedia)

In this era, who doesn't know what ferris wheel is? Well, no offense. In case you don't, take a quick peep at the picture below.

Whenever I look at Ferris Wheel at funfair, it will reminisce me of the past, or reflecting at our life. We felt excited when we first stepped into the cubical cars; and we are eager to reach up to the highest point and observe things that has slowly became a tiny one where we are beyond everyone else, and soon...we slowly slip down after spending 1 big and complete round in our small cubical.

That kind of sensations is difficult to be expressed out in words, something like...smooth and yet nervous, excited and yet afraid and so on... Ever wonder why Ferris Wheel doesn't turn anti-clockwise? It applies the similar theory in life, we hardly having a 'U-turn' in life, or so called 'reversing'. As the quote sounds, let bygones be bygones, what is done is done. Don't ever complain life's so cruel so mean to each of us, but if it's not, why is it calling life?

Nothing's perfect, yes indeed it's true. But, we are practicing towards a perfectionist, ain't we?
Appreciate for whatever or whoever you're having now, will ya?

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