-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.


Being a good cheer means be happy, or in other words, laughing out loudly.
I used to type out this word C.H.E.E.R.S. However, how it actually shows its effectiveness and cheer me up? I recalled, a friend of mine who once read my blog, She said :"The way you express and the writing of your blog makes me feel cold and blue. Are you alright?" Yeah, I'm doing fine, and i'm trying not letting myself down and sorrow. And yet, blog is the best way for me to express, I told her.

Half an hour ago, another friend asked:"Disappointed? But why?" I was stunned at that moment. Firstly, I do not know from where and when should I start telling Him all the puzzle which was playing on my mind. Secondly, it was months ago since my last chat with that particular friend. Hence, it shocked me when He offered me by lending me a hand in good time. Well, He said this to me, which sounds meaningful and I should refer to it as a brand new chapter of Life. "Trust, based on how you judge the other. Listen to your heart, and start feeling it. When you are ready on trusting him/her, go ahead with no doubt."
Perhaps, I should learn on forgetting the past at times. Oops, it is a MUST instead of SHOULD.

Sorry and forgive me for unable to stay by your side for the time being. I'm tired, exhausted, and enervated. Frankly speaking, I'm starting to lose my interest on knowing any further news related to you. I might forgive, but those lies which carved by you slash by slash is unforgettable.

Hey Sunshine, I'm on my way!!

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A Public Speaker

As a public speaker.
Being required by someone who is either your superior, your lecturer, or the unknown to speak up is not an odd thing today. Commonly, it is known as impromptu. Impromptu, is an activity of which a question is randomly thrown to you by the speaker. In no time, you have to stand on your feet and say what you want to say, the way you want to say it. And, right or wrong, people form a perception of who we are and what we represent by the confidence that we show when we speak. (The Leader's Institute 2001)

As a subordinate, you are expected to speak up on behalf of representing the organization. There is no other ways of which you think you might be able to escape from it. For instance, you, as a representative of your firm, are required to deal a business with another firm? Or undergo a negotiation? Hence, presentation is necessary.

As a student, still, we have to undergo the similar process or activity done by the others. Spending off 2 years and a half in order to obtain a Diploma certificate, there is no such thing available known as "short-cut" or "express way". In fact, we must go through mountainous of mid-term test, examination, coursework and the most importantly - a presentation of our results and findings of our assignment. In college or university, is a commencement to well-prepared ourselves, and in addition, learn as much as you can or in another words, absorb as much knowledge as you can just like a superb sponge. Through listening and observing the other presenter, is the best way to learn and enhance the way of our presentation and absolutely, obtaining a useful and powerful skills.

Realizing that either impromptu, public speaking or presentation is getting more and more important nowadays, I should put my best foot forward in mastering the at-least basic skills.

Setting up my new goal, which is a step forward from others - Be a successful and attractive Public Speaker!

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A Different Point of View

Every one has their different point of view.
Some of you viewed a relationship seriously, some don't.
Did someone call you after "dear", "my lady" or "my angel" before?
I'm sure you do have some closed friends, or even your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend will do so.
Question! What about a friend whom you knew only few days ago? And he/she started calling you after "dear" and etc? What kind of thought will be in your mind by the way? Or should i mean, what is your first impression for this girl/guy?
Isn't this sounds flirtation? Or will you think this is a normal act for calling everyone after "dear"?
Everyone has their special and unique ways of thought.

P.S. :Do not ever assume that everyone is thinking the same way as you are. Spend a period of time, and try to get to know your friends well.

By Jes
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although i'm exhausted but i do enjoyed ^^

woohoo~ finally!
i'm extremely tired and exhausted now, i need a break seriously.
reaching home with backbone ache, a pair of panda eyes, painful legs but i brought a back meaningful stuff - friendship and a huge, lovely family who managed to live under one roof.
actually, i went to a youth camp, and i joined them as a voluntary.
i met lots of friends, they are all talented and strong in different fields, too many knowledge and experiences that i can and have to learn from them. A 4 days and 3 nights camp is kinda fun, lovely, caring, meaningful and yet tiring.
i love the environment in which everyone always carries a smile on their face, the courteous way of speaking, how the discipline being carried out and the creative yet meaningful games.
having the opportunity to experienced all these, i hereby need to express my appreciation to khai tzong(i spell it correctly!), without him informing me about the camp, probably i would be doing something else during the days where i spent in the camp.
last but not least, i need to thank our dear leader, hui ri, he did a great job during the camp though there were few negative feed backs which i viewed them unimportantly but as a positive encouragement for a better enhancement of our group service. you're great man!
it's time for bye-byes. =)

By Jes
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Silence, makes everything goes perfect!

Have you ever in a dilemma whether you should speak up more or just remain silence?
I personally feel that, remaining silent is either a better choice or the best choice in solving argument, differ point of view and etc.
When i sense the "no-no" signal sent indirectly from another party while we were having a normal conversation, i, will prefer to remain silent. In my point of view, it is a way to avoid quarrel or misunderstanding.
when I sensed something is wrong,
when I am not into the mood for responding,
when I am sick of someone who threw me those silly and ridiculous questions, and
when my request is rejected due to some unacceptable reasons and bla bla bla
I will stop uttering words out and zip-up my mouth!
And until today, I still find this method useful as we will be meeting different kind of human being as we grow.
By showing off my poker face and keeping myself in silence, are you able to read what is running in my mind? =)

By Jes
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17 again

After watching the movie "17 again", this crazy question has been hunting me since i stepped out from the cinema. What changes would you make if you are in 17 again? I threw this silly question to some of my friends as our chit-chat topic. 1 of them doesn't want to make a change if they have a chance to, saying a no-no to examination was another answer given by another friend. If i were given a second-17-again, guess what I wish to make a change? Well, should I choose to putting more effort on my study? Should i pursue to form 6 and not ending up in the college like what i'm doing currently? Do everyone deserves a second chance of getting back to 17 again?
Well, nothing much should be questioned, must we concentrate on the future and not about the past. =D Life's short, appreciate every second that we had.

PS: Yeah! A new victory for me, I've completed another mission-impossible. Here I am, level 5-MoonGate in Youth-Park. (But felt sorry to Kai Tzong, he waited me approximately half an hour in the car. Reason?? I prefer to keep it to myself Haha)

By Jes
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open up your mind

Today i went to the biggest shopping mall in Penang, Queensbay Mall for a window shopping. First of all, i promised myself that i'm not going to buy anything for myself. However, guess what? I ended up carrying 2 huge plastic bag home with me. Ladies, i think this act is understandable, isn't it? Girls=Shopaholic Haha!
I pampered myself a lip balm, from The Face Shop, Plus+1 Shea Butter. The product was recommended by the salesperson, and i wished i had a right pick as it costs me RM19.80 which sounds reasonable to me.
Borders, which is a place where i will not get bored even though i spent hours there reading up. I nearly fell in love with the relaxing environment and the coffee aroma. Imagine how good it is when you spend your free time reading with a cup of hot Americano coffee. Ouch!!
I intended to look for some self-enrichment or psychology books but unfortunately i hardly get 1 for myself. Friends, any recommendation?
I managed to grab myself a Women's Weekly magazine before coming out from the bookstore.
*Take 3 deep breathe, and start thinking of what achievement you want in life*
That's what i gain from my reading today. =)

By Jes
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