-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

Bear in Mind

I wonder by reaching the age of 18 and above, we should be independent enough, beginning to work hard in order to get our own financial support without relying on our "F&M Fund"(Father and Mother Fund". Despite friends around me have been bringing up the hot topic - financial issues whenever we lay back for a pillow talk, hence I started to think about me, myself. I have been relying on F&M Fund since the day my parents hand-in-hand, bringing me over to this reality world.

"You were born in such a wonderful family, and it is awesome for having a great bread-winner daddy who financially supporting you, nourishing you by providing you all the needs and wants no matter on the 4-needs (clothing, beverage, shelter and safety) or education." A friend uttered when we were having a chat.

It was just a simple sentence but sounded awkward to me either. After considering it, I realized I am the lucky one, or probably should be the fortunate one, as my parents have been showering me with love. Should I study smart instead of study hard, and obtain my certificate within the shortest period as I hardly thought of any other better solution in repaying their sacrifice on me.

Thanks to that particular friend for being the reminders. Sometimes we tend to forget what we have been receiving from our parents as we treat it as something granted. We must be grateful.

PS: A conflict occurred during the first met with this particular friend. (Not to mention his name over here) However, the misunderstandings between the two of us were cleared up after a heart-to-heart talk. Anyhow, I can assure that we are able to be friend after all as at times, his point of view does make a differ compared to others who are in the same age group. That is what I wish to learn more from him.

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The Day

Jes feels cold and blue every after a rainy day. She needs a cuddle badly from someone whom she misses so much, or even just a simple greeting will definitely beyond anything to warm her up from the freezy weather.

Jes feels down and unhappy for the day; thanks to the cool weather. No one was by her side until someone gave in a call, unintentionally, someone has successfully brought over the rainbow uncovering the cloudy day for her. Finally, she won back her smile for the day.

Jes needs intensive cares for her micro sensitive heart. Her heart is beating faster more than ever before when she reads, listens, or writes regarding someone. Understandable and acceptable that Jes is regaining more alert and holding herself firmly from falling into another obsession, by chance it will be the second time.

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The Characteristic

Commonly how do we define a character?
Well... It simply means indicating a special quality or identity that distinguishes or identifies a person or thing or class.

No doubt, we, as a human being, we are given the extraordinary ability and capability which enable us to think, think and think before running blindly and falsely into a final decision. And fortunately, we are given the choices as well of which characters we wished to be in. The same thing applies when it comes across our different mindsets and perceptions. Possibly and mostly, human being can be divided into 2 large groups, which is the positive thinkers and the negative thinkers. Yes, you may begin to action now! Be prepared and make up your mind of which thinker group do you wish to be in.

It is the crucial time for a decision-making. Be it positively or negatively?
Probably you may seek some advise from peers or family; probably you are the type of which do not wish to be influenced by anyone. Perhaps, a clearer picture will appear soon after you analyze the circumstance stated below:

** What first comes across your mind when you saw a transparency glass which contains a quarter level of water? **
Think about it and see how it reflects your personality. Interesting enough to find out which groups are you in.


"Oh! Thankfully there is still, some water leftover though not much!" This will be kind of the answer provided and always thought by the positive ones.

"Sigh! Why the leftover is only a quarter but not in the full?" A contrary, never-ending-satisfactory answer by the negative thinkers.

Unlucky, Unfortunate, Cheerless - Life still, has to be carried on
Lucky, Fortunate, Cheerful - Life still, on the go
Just do it! Learn on how to change the way of thinking and be a cheerful one! =)
"Happy" awaits you ahead!

PS: Sorry but no offense.

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I wonder why human being nowadays are becoming more and more sickening. Even though everyone of us knew that our Earth is sicking, in other words, Global Warming; however, does this encompass the human being who lives in this entire Earth?

Shouldn't one supposed to return us the same way when we are smiling as a greeting to them? That is what I considered as a basic manner in a way of meeting or making new friends, perhaps. However, from what I observed towards the youngsters nowadays, it does not working in a proper way as it used to be. Instead, they turned their cold shoulder and acted like nobody business towards a new girl, like me. This act is so so so sickening. Probably, I am someone who is micro sensitive to the overall atmosphere. Honestly, I wasn't feeling comfortable when being thrown into such cold and bloody situation, though. And yet, still, forcing myself to hook up a smile on my face even though in fact, it reflected an irony interior and exterior as I wasn't felt good indeed.

"May I know is there any extra computer available?" I asked dumbly, even though knowing that there wasn't any left. And yes, thankfully at least I received a reply although it wasn't a welcoming one, saying "I don't know." A short and precise answer was given.

Further into something detailed, the job game requires only 3 common rules, which is a sense of good eye sight, 10 hyperactive fingers and an excellent brain memory. In fact, a confused thinking were mixed up in my mind, of which one of them are a disappointment. Keen on knowing a WHY? Yes, the most difficult thing is happening! Indirectly, I will be sitting in front of a desktop computer for hours without a need to activate my talky-mouth. Oh no! How could this happened to a chatty girl like me? *LOL* Anyhow, I am capable to stand my foot still on this job no matter how strong the gust is or how powerful the monsoon is.

Before I went on any further, I need to thank Melvyn for being the bridge man for this job. *huggie*
I am sharing part of my observation through blog, hopefully but not hopelessly, that it might actually acts as a wake up call for the youngsters, and certainly not only youngsters but also to each and everyone. Remembering, smile is always the best starter.

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Nothing to rejoice, much more to do

After the commencement of a new, as well as the final semester, shall I be putting more and more effort and concentration towards my study. Realizing myself at times that my reading would not be sufficient up to my current level. Should I, exposing myself to more bookstores which seems to be a necessity, instead of locking up myself in the room, spending hours of addictive in front of the computer, updating and webbing the unhealthy social site - FaceBook.

Eventually, there is nothing to rejoice and yet, much more to do. Should I begin to manage my schedule wiser, as I promised not to repeat the similar mistake which took place in the last semester - no doubt, tasks should not be rushed in the eleventh hour.

Juggling the studies and working is neither an easy task nor a tough one, as long as I am and able to excel in time management. Learning is still on the progress, perhaps.

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Under the rain we create Romance

For the very first time...
I was riding on a 2-wheels vehicle heading for a date,
Yes, I do enjoyed the brand new experience with a little fright (phobia).

For the very first time...
I was riding under the moderate downpour with merely an extra long-sleeve jacket on but not rain coat,
Yes, I do enjoyed the naturally-creature of Romance but I caught a cold as consequences.

For the first time...
I was riding with the sensation of excitement plus nervous,
Yes, the lovely couple - mummy and daddy were peeping through the window corner how their silly daughter went off her first-time-riding for a date.

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Dad says : Don't forget your mirror

Every single thought in my mind now is about life, life and life. During the 3 weeks semester break, most of the days I spent through with my bestie. Although daddy and mummy did not nag me on anything, yet I am able to read daddy's mind through the hint shown on his face expression every time when I reached home late in the night. Neither I nor him bring up the matter, until just now I were the one who brought up the matter.

"When you keep walking on the path, you should at least, stop by aside once a while and start looking back what was happening in the past. Not to forget what was your aims which set previously, not to forget what was your motive, not to forget what you had promised to yourself and last but not least, not to forget to guide yourself from walking towards the wrong path. All the not-to-forgets rules are the mirror in ourselves.", said Daddy.

Mirror, can be the best buddy tool in reflecting we ourselves, showing us the real ME with mask uncovered. At times, we tend to lost the direction that we supposed to be following. Yes, I am seeing eye-to-eye with the statement which spoke out by daddy. The message of which daddy wished to convey to me was crystal clear - do not neglect my study. "Daddy, I am making myself clear that I will not neglect my study as I had already set up my mind, everything came after my study, I promise. Although I am now joining and becoming a more active member (Club of Leo), I will still be putting the same, perhaps extra effort on my study.", I answered. Daddy was glad upon hearing it. I was relief by the chance, yet worrying I might be over-confidence and over-judging at times. However, I must keep my promise, hopefully I managed to do so.

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Make-Up Model

First time be my friend's make up model.
Jayce, a friend of mine who is also a make-up artist, is undergoing her final examination in her course. In order to pass the examination, she is required to carry out with 2 different modes of make-up, which is a Bridal look (Amely) and a Fantasy look (that is me).

We spent approximately three quarter of our day in Stella-in Academy which is located in gurney Plaza 4th floor. (Starving for the whole day as we had a very light breakfast and skipped our lunch)
Coming up is the outcome. I was looking GREEN, wasn't I? *Winks*

Jayce - the make up artist for the day

My Fantasy Look *Rawr*

Adding up Body Art (kinda match for the overall outlook)

Amely's Bridal Look

Posting for me and Amely before went for photo shooting

P.S.: Enjoying the whole process, too, at least I know in order to become a Professional Model is not an easy job tough. Glad that I'm not walking to that path. *Wee*

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My Holiday in K.T.

Spending approximately 1 week time in Kuala Terengganu. Kuala Terengganu is the city of Terengganu, my aunt is staying in the area of Manir, which requires a 20 minutes ride from town area.
Friends were all asking, "Why did you choose K.T. but not elsewhere?"
To some of my blogger friends who is not a Malaysian, perhaps, I should elaborate more about K.T.. It is a place located somewhere in East Malaysia, and is half developed compared to Penang (a developed island where I am staying).

The idea of going to K.T. arose when I was joking with my cousin for paying a visit to our aunt who is living there, and we have been bringing up this topic for years (action speaks louder than words). Hence, we started to plan and thankfully everything went on smoothly. It took us 7 hours bus ride from Penang to our destination. When I was in K.T., I could hardly find a Chinese hawker food as majority of the citizen there are Malays unless in Kampung Cina (a street where Chinese foods and groceries are sold). Thanks to my another cousin who drove us around K.T. for those days when we spent over there. We visited a few places, markets (pasar pagi), shopping malls, crystal mosque, museum, carnivals (pesta karnival) and etc.

Apologizing came before everything that I couldn't describe everything in words but fortunately pictures could. =)
Before showing you the pictures, I need to apologize again for the quality of them, as I'm not a professional photographer and am only using camera on mobile phone.

You should try this out if you do plan to visit K.T. This food is known as "Nasi Dagang", it looks delicious and tasted nice as well. Believe it or not? It costs me only RM1 per packet. =)
(Breakfast for Day1)

This is the "Kampung Cina", commonly called as "唐人街", which carries the meaning of "Chinese Street". There are few coffee shop owned by Chinese, halal food can be easily found along this street.

The biggest and famous Chinese market named after "老爹井" ("Daddy's pithead", translated directly from mandarin). Majority of the stall are Chinese, I bet you can buy variety of Nyonya food there. (But of course, I prefer Penang's food). *Sorry+Winks*

Here you go, the pithead.

According to my aunt, this is the largest shopping mall, Mydin. In K.T., Mydin rated as the highest and most favourite spot by the shoppers. Besides Mydin, Giant is the second largest shopping mall.

In K.T., we could hardly find 1 Chinese coffee shop if we are out of the area of "Kampung Cina". "Uncle Chua" is the only one i suppose, (Oops! How absent minded am I, there's another one coffee shop, "First Station" which located just a stone's throw from "Uncle Chua".) The concept used by "Uncle Chua" is similar to Old Town. Of course the menu is different. Anyway, the food is delicious and the Bosses (3 shareholders i guess) are good-looking, too! *Shy* =)

Looking delicious yeah?? It is well-known as "Roti Baung", it tasted delicious and is a totally difference if compared it to our home-made. Beside the bread there are margarine and kaya. Worth trying it!!

One of the famous place is shown in the picture, the "Crystal Mosque". There are 4 pillars around the mosque, and they are made of crystal. Thus, that is the story of how they named it after.

Another different scene which can't be seen in Penang, the Cab. They have a great exterior outlook for each and every cab. By looking at it, I feel like getting onto the cab and have a round perhaps. =P

Yes, yes, and yes!! I know what is running in your mind! *LOL* By looking at it, I bet it will not lure you for any appetite. But honestly, it tasted different when it is fried. There is 2 ways of eating it, steam and fried. I prefer the fried one as it does not smell as sting as the steam one. Forget to introduce it, this is known as "Lekor", something like tit bits. According to my aunty, this is a must-try food.

Before doing a summary for my sharing, I need to clarify that K.T. is a very nice place for retiree but strongly not encouraged for youngster (my personal opinion, no offense) unless if you plan to have fun in Pulau Redang. As I mentioned on the above, K.T. is only half developed, therefore there is no entertainment at all after 8P.M.. Serious enough as I'm not bragging it. *LOL* I had lot of fun enjoying there but not to mention about Pulau Redang because I missed the opportunity to visit to this beautiful island. *Sobbing* Anyway, I'm looking forward for the next trip to Pulau Redang of course! For someone hyper-active like me, there is no more second visit to K.T. I guess, but if for Pulau Redang, I'm in!!! *WeeHee*

P.S. : The red ants in K.T. is hyper toxic!! Friends, beware of it!! After coming back from K.T., I did not bring anything back but with my swollen legs as they were bitten by them. What more? Ending up paying my doctor RM45 for the word of "skin allergy" with some capsule and cream. *Sob*

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Last Saturday was my day (as I wrote it on the previous post), if you managed to recall it.
Nothing to be secret about, I went for photo shooting.
A friend of mine, who has been interested in capturing and freezing the valuable moments, he kindly arranged a photo shooting session for me and Amely. There were a total of 7 photographers, among them were Serene, Aileen, Janice, PN, Willy, Tang and William. Thanks to all of them. Besides, specially thanks again to our make-up artist, Jayce.

Sharing some of the selected piece of work (which are my favourite among all) :

Lynzi Photography (Aileen)

Momento-Photography (Willy)

Serene Photography

Tang Photography

Janice Photography

PN Photography

Please feel free to comment though it's positive or negative feedback. =)

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