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My Holiday in K.T.

Spending approximately 1 week time in Kuala Terengganu. Kuala Terengganu is the city of Terengganu, my aunt is staying in the area of Manir, which requires a 20 minutes ride from town area.
Friends were all asking, "Why did you choose K.T. but not elsewhere?"
To some of my blogger friends who is not a Malaysian, perhaps, I should elaborate more about K.T.. It is a place located somewhere in East Malaysia, and is half developed compared to Penang (a developed island where I am staying).

The idea of going to K.T. arose when I was joking with my cousin for paying a visit to our aunt who is living there, and we have been bringing up this topic for years (action speaks louder than words). Hence, we started to plan and thankfully everything went on smoothly. It took us 7 hours bus ride from Penang to our destination. When I was in K.T., I could hardly find a Chinese hawker food as majority of the citizen there are Malays unless in Kampung Cina (a street where Chinese foods and groceries are sold). Thanks to my another cousin who drove us around K.T. for those days when we spent over there. We visited a few places, markets (pasar pagi), shopping malls, crystal mosque, museum, carnivals (pesta karnival) and etc.

Apologizing came before everything that I couldn't describe everything in words but fortunately pictures could. =)
Before showing you the pictures, I need to apologize again for the quality of them, as I'm not a professional photographer and am only using camera on mobile phone.

You should try this out if you do plan to visit K.T. This food is known as "Nasi Dagang", it looks delicious and tasted nice as well. Believe it or not? It costs me only RM1 per packet. =)
(Breakfast for Day1)

This is the "Kampung Cina", commonly called as "唐人街", which carries the meaning of "Chinese Street". There are few coffee shop owned by Chinese, halal food can be easily found along this street.

The biggest and famous Chinese market named after "老爹井" ("Daddy's pithead", translated directly from mandarin). Majority of the stall are Chinese, I bet you can buy variety of Nyonya food there. (But of course, I prefer Penang's food). *Sorry+Winks*

Here you go, the pithead.

According to my aunt, this is the largest shopping mall, Mydin. In K.T., Mydin rated as the highest and most favourite spot by the shoppers. Besides Mydin, Giant is the second largest shopping mall.

In K.T., we could hardly find 1 Chinese coffee shop if we are out of the area of "Kampung Cina". "Uncle Chua" is the only one i suppose, (Oops! How absent minded am I, there's another one coffee shop, "First Station" which located just a stone's throw from "Uncle Chua".) The concept used by "Uncle Chua" is similar to Old Town. Of course the menu is different. Anyway, the food is delicious and the Bosses (3 shareholders i guess) are good-looking, too! *Shy* =)

Looking delicious yeah?? It is well-known as "Roti Baung", it tasted delicious and is a totally difference if compared it to our home-made. Beside the bread there are margarine and kaya. Worth trying it!!

One of the famous place is shown in the picture, the "Crystal Mosque". There are 4 pillars around the mosque, and they are made of crystal. Thus, that is the story of how they named it after.

Another different scene which can't be seen in Penang, the Cab. They have a great exterior outlook for each and every cab. By looking at it, I feel like getting onto the cab and have a round perhaps. =P

Yes, yes, and yes!! I know what is running in your mind! *LOL* By looking at it, I bet it will not lure you for any appetite. But honestly, it tasted different when it is fried. There is 2 ways of eating it, steam and fried. I prefer the fried one as it does not smell as sting as the steam one. Forget to introduce it, this is known as "Lekor", something like tit bits. According to my aunty, this is a must-try food.

Before doing a summary for my sharing, I need to clarify that K.T. is a very nice place for retiree but strongly not encouraged for youngster (my personal opinion, no offense) unless if you plan to have fun in Pulau Redang. As I mentioned on the above, K.T. is only half developed, therefore there is no entertainment at all after 8P.M.. Serious enough as I'm not bragging it. *LOL* I had lot of fun enjoying there but not to mention about Pulau Redang because I missed the opportunity to visit to this beautiful island. *Sobbing* Anyway, I'm looking forward for the next trip to Pulau Redang of course! For someone hyper-active like me, there is no more second visit to K.T. I guess, but if for Pulau Redang, I'm in!!! *WeeHee*

P.S. : The red ants in K.T. is hyper toxic!! Friends, beware of it!! After coming back from K.T., I did not bring anything back but with my swollen legs as they were bitten by them. What more? Ending up paying my doctor RM45 for the word of "skin allergy" with some capsule and cream. *Sob*

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  • Yes~ Mostly Nasi Dagang will be the first meal for people who travel to KT. China Street is a nice place~ I do feel that it have more taste compared with Penang lo~ Redang? I went thr for twice d~ Year 2007 and 2008~ It is a beautiful island~ The water is very blue~

  • Well, Zack, you tried Nasi Dagang before?
    Yeah, China Street is a great place and we even visited there twice or thrice a day. *Crazy*
    I am looking forward excitedly for the next visit to Pulau Redang!!! Help~~~ *Ha-ha*

  • Yes~ Sure I've try the Nasi Dagang~
    My first visit to China Street is around 5-6am~ The street is quite dark~ The temple near there looks so scary~ Hehe~
    Well~ Pulau Redang? When you want to go, then you let me knw~ I will share the information with you~ Believe me~ I'm able to provide you a gd trip~

  • Well, if I am paying the next visit, you will be the first on my Assistance List. *Winks*

  • Hehe, I tried before for the food that you posted right there... Perhaps next time I can bring you to Kelantan for some trips then... Will think of it ya...