-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.


I wonder why human being nowadays are becoming more and more sickening. Even though everyone of us knew that our Earth is sicking, in other words, Global Warming; however, does this encompass the human being who lives in this entire Earth?

Shouldn't one supposed to return us the same way when we are smiling as a greeting to them? That is what I considered as a basic manner in a way of meeting or making new friends, perhaps. However, from what I observed towards the youngsters nowadays, it does not working in a proper way as it used to be. Instead, they turned their cold shoulder and acted like nobody business towards a new girl, like me. This act is so so so sickening. Probably, I am someone who is micro sensitive to the overall atmosphere. Honestly, I wasn't feeling comfortable when being thrown into such cold and bloody situation, though. And yet, still, forcing myself to hook up a smile on my face even though in fact, it reflected an irony interior and exterior as I wasn't felt good indeed.

"May I know is there any extra computer available?" I asked dumbly, even though knowing that there wasn't any left. And yes, thankfully at least I received a reply although it wasn't a welcoming one, saying "I don't know." A short and precise answer was given.

Further into something detailed, the job game requires only 3 common rules, which is a sense of good eye sight, 10 hyperactive fingers and an excellent brain memory. In fact, a confused thinking were mixed up in my mind, of which one of them are a disappointment. Keen on knowing a WHY? Yes, the most difficult thing is happening! Indirectly, I will be sitting in front of a desktop computer for hours without a need to activate my talky-mouth. Oh no! How could this happened to a chatty girl like me? *LOL* Anyhow, I am capable to stand my foot still on this job no matter how strong the gust is or how powerful the monsoon is.

Before I went on any further, I need to thank Melvyn for being the bridge man for this job. *huggie*
I am sharing part of my observation through blog, hopefully but not hopelessly, that it might actually acts as a wake up call for the youngsters, and certainly not only youngsters but also to each and everyone. Remembering, smile is always the best starter.

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