-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

Bear in Mind

I wonder by reaching the age of 18 and above, we should be independent enough, beginning to work hard in order to get our own financial support without relying on our "F&M Fund"(Father and Mother Fund". Despite friends around me have been bringing up the hot topic - financial issues whenever we lay back for a pillow talk, hence I started to think about me, myself. I have been relying on F&M Fund since the day my parents hand-in-hand, bringing me over to this reality world.

"You were born in such a wonderful family, and it is awesome for having a great bread-winner daddy who financially supporting you, nourishing you by providing you all the needs and wants no matter on the 4-needs (clothing, beverage, shelter and safety) or education." A friend uttered when we were having a chat.

It was just a simple sentence but sounded awkward to me either. After considering it, I realized I am the lucky one, or probably should be the fortunate one, as my parents have been showering me with love. Should I study smart instead of study hard, and obtain my certificate within the shortest period as I hardly thought of any other better solution in repaying their sacrifice on me.

Thanks to that particular friend for being the reminders. Sometimes we tend to forget what we have been receiving from our parents as we treat it as something granted. We must be grateful.

PS: A conflict occurred during the first met with this particular friend. (Not to mention his name over here) However, the misunderstandings between the two of us were cleared up after a heart-to-heart talk. Anyhow, I can assure that we are able to be friend after all as at times, his point of view does make a differ compared to others who are in the same age group. That is what I wish to learn more from him.

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  • Hey, Jessy! U use pop up window too? Hehehe, but ur page is perfectly fine!

    Anyway, that guy sounds a little special in here! Mmmm, anything more special for u there?

    Well, 4-basic needs, but I need 5, Maslow should have omitted one. So human being won't need a lot, aye?

    Btw, I think ur age is still young, but ur mind is like adult. It's nice to have it, ur parents would be very proud of u.

  • Yea, I made a little changes to pop up window as I feel it is more user-friendly.

    *LOL* Nah, nothing more can be elaborated for that guy, what was so special that keeps running on your mind, Nat? =)

    Yea, in Maslow's hierarchy needs we have a total of 5 levels, probably I missed out 1 of them. *He-he* It might be self-actualization, perhaps?

    However, at the age of mine, some of my friends already making some earning by themselves. At times I felt that my common knowledge has its boundaries because I seem to be locking myself with my study without exposing myself more to the reality world. That is what hunting me right now.

  • I can't help having dirty mind over stuff like that! But only with some special prompts like what u describe about him here. Okay, if u insist that it's nothing, I won't go further, alright?

    Well, Pop up window is really user-friendly, so we're like groupie!

    I'm sure if you can think it, you can do it, and if u have all the 4 basic needs, eventually u'll get what is called self-actualization.

    I think u'll learn better without me telling u, okay! Ur time will come.

  • PS: Self-actualization is what Bill Gate has after all. It might be the key to success, I guess! Hehehe, not so sure too. *Wink*

  • I learn Maslow's theory before somehow from my syllabus.

    Oh yea, I can't stop you from having that thought. *He-he*
    By the way, that friend and me are currently friend for the moment.

    It's alright, you can go ahead with your imagination, I do understand that as a good write should have a better imagination though I knew that you're keen on becoming a writer, am I right? *winks*

  • Every stage of life does make the difference. As I am now, I feel much different as when I was 18. When I was 18, I was so proud to be 18. I think I was mature enough. I think I can be independent. But it's wrong. I don't rely on my F&M since I was 18 but I can't support them at 20-sth. And I wish I can be 26 tomorrow. But u know, we can
    t skip any stage and we can't fast-forward the time.

    Sometimes, meeting some new people to learn the different point of view is really worth. It's like an opened door to the other side of the world that we should not missed.

    U know I wish I could talk sth like this with my peers.

  • Hey Pan,
    yea you're right and I'm trying to expose myself more to the world. Wishing to absorb more knowledge as much as I can.
    Thanks and let's work it out together.

    PS: It's hard to find a peer whom can shares everything in common. Rare to find, great when found. =)

  • The world is changing,i believe that at the age of 18 we can do many stuffs in order to make ourselves to be financial independent.

    We learn from the elders and from the people who succeed.

    Of course that exposure is needed for us to see through the whole picture in short-term and also long-term.

    See it to believe!
    Believe it to success!

    Life is short!
    Go as far as you can!
    Go as fast as you can!
    Just do it!

    Remember! Action speak louder than words!

  • Thanks Mok!
    I'm trying to change myself like what a snake used to.
    When free? Wanna hang out?

    Visited to your latest blog. It's all about camera, are you in love with them??

  • It is ok to depend on our parents currently, but what we must do for them in future is, to take care of them once we got the income. Don't forget to mention, it is our duty to take care of our partner's parents too! :)