-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

Dad says : Don't forget your mirror

Every single thought in my mind now is about life, life and life. During the 3 weeks semester break, most of the days I spent through with my bestie. Although daddy and mummy did not nag me on anything, yet I am able to read daddy's mind through the hint shown on his face expression every time when I reached home late in the night. Neither I nor him bring up the matter, until just now I were the one who brought up the matter.

"When you keep walking on the path, you should at least, stop by aside once a while and start looking back what was happening in the past. Not to forget what was your aims which set previously, not to forget what was your motive, not to forget what you had promised to yourself and last but not least, not to forget to guide yourself from walking towards the wrong path. All the not-to-forgets rules are the mirror in ourselves.", said Daddy.

Mirror, can be the best buddy tool in reflecting we ourselves, showing us the real ME with mask uncovered. At times, we tend to lost the direction that we supposed to be following. Yes, I am seeing eye-to-eye with the statement which spoke out by daddy. The message of which daddy wished to convey to me was crystal clear - do not neglect my study. "Daddy, I am making myself clear that I will not neglect my study as I had already set up my mind, everything came after my study, I promise. Although I am now joining and becoming a more active member (Club of Leo), I will still be putting the same, perhaps extra effort on my study.", I answered. Daddy was glad upon hearing it. I was relief by the chance, yet worrying I might be over-confidence and over-judging at times. However, I must keep my promise, hopefully I managed to do so.

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  • Gambateh~

  • Wow, your dad is totally 180 degrees different from mine.

  • Sometime, our action is contrast to our conscience, it's very common, everyone experiences that one way or the other, but ur daddy is very protective of u, he's a loving dad, that's what fathers are for.

    Don't worry, when u already know, u will be able to use ur reason better than when u don't.

  • I will, and thank you for your support, Zack.

    Fion, your dad does not allow you to join any other social society? Other than that, what about something as voluntary?

    Nathary, Yes, I am not bragging myself as I really have a very loving, caring, understanding and supportive daddy. I love you daddy. And mummy, too do not get jealous. *Hee*
    I wished that I am on the right path now.

  • What I meant is my dad seldom give advices and discuss things with me. And also he never praise me if I did something good. But he ALWAYS scold me for doing something bad.

    Don't worry about me. My personality is a bit like my dad. It's in my blood.

  • Oh my dear Fion, I can assure there is only a limited number of daddies whom will express themselves or praise their kid verbally. Even my daddy will only returns me with a SMILE if he is seeing eye to eye of what I am doing, of which he felt I am doing the right thing.

    I'm not worrying over you as I always do believe in you, as you usually managed to carry out an ordinary stuff extraordinarily.

  • Umm...I think you over exaggerated on "carry out ordinary stuff extraordinarily". But I'll take that as a compliment. Thanks ^^

  • Yes you deserve that. =)

    I've viewed your blog, you did a very nice renovation. Bet you had put in a lot of "money" in renovating and furnishing it.

  • 你爸爸说的话, 真的是棒极了! 身为乖乖女的你, 也是答应到很好哦!

    Promise, 一定要做到哦! 加油呢!