-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

Daddy's Cool

Daddy is always so cool and friendly as if he is playing a role as my friend.
We love teasing around, showing off our own strength to one another and yet
we do quarrel or should I said it as argue over a tiny mini matters.
Well, no doubt saying that Daddy has been pampering me all the times, no matter what I request for, normally he will promise it and put his best foot forward in fulfilling my needs and wants (but certainly, it must be reasonable and not beyond his limitation). This is darn lovely and wonderful, that I couldn't stop myself from sharing it among my friends.

I wonder have you ever heard of this traditionally quote, a daughter was a daddy's wife in their last life. Sounds a little make sense and yet ridiculous?
Well, sometimes I, myself do believe in this quote, too. Why?? This is proven in my family, as at times Mummy will tease daddy and me, saying that we are just like a sweet couple when we're walking side by side.

Daddy has been giving me spaces for privacy and freedom. He does not interfere me anymore (as he used to nag me and giving me tons of reminders) although he knows I'm currently into a relationship with a guy. That's sweet, ain't it?

When the time comes....Daddy starts to fully utilize his powerful and the one and only weapon, guess what? Read this. "This reddish apple must be sweet and juicy, can you cut them into smaller pieces for me?" said Daddy to Mummy. Well, such a cheeky girl like me, I grab the chance and tease him instantly, "Why wouldn't you just give it a bite, oh lazy...." Oh well...here it comes!!! Daddy says,"You love me, don't you? Show it to me then." So....I wont elaborate much here, you should know how I should respond right? Yea..cut the apple into pieces, and serve it right to him. You know what? That's my Daddy, Daddy's cool, ain't it? =)

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A Foe or A Friend?

A Foe or A Friend?

Helping others voluntary, a friend
Backstabbing others consciously, a foe
Should the phenomena goes in such way?
Classifying a person into the groups of 2

Undecidable through looking at the surface
Undetermined after knowing one for years
Unbelievable for the rumors spreading around
Shall we let the cats out of the bag, anyone?

I am...
Standing motionless, staring helplessly
Hoping for a sense of brightness
Pulling me out from the cave of backstabbers
Surviving for the sake of humanity, not cruelty

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Diploma Graduation Ceremony @ G Hotel on 6th March 2010

Shall we let the photos do the speaking?

#1 - Greatest moment of all!

#2 - Seated accordingly for the ceremony

#3 - Mummy and Daddy

#4 - Happy moments are meant to be shared with the loved one
(Thanks for the lovely hand-made chocolate bouquet!) *huggie*

#5 - Leo Club Buddy, Akira

#6 - High School Best Buddy, Ai Phing

#7 - High School Buddy - Cindy Ng

#8 - High School Buddy - Khye Yen

#9 - Buddy, Monkey Daddy and Teng Mummy

#10 - Course mates - Yvonne (center) & Amely (right)

#11 - Head of Business School, Dr. Liew (center) & Amely (left)

#12 - Course mates - (from left to right) Hangen Tan, Yvonne, Fion Lim, Kuen Mun, Jesyca, Lay Fern and Amely

#13 - My College Buddy - Fion Lim

#14 - I am, moving forward towards a brighter future!
All the best, my fellow friends!

Special thanks to PN Lim who photo shoot for the whole ceremony. Dedicating deepest gratefulness to my parents, their hard work has finally paid off, absolutely with the continues supports from my brother as well throughout the 2 years and a half Diploma course. Specially thanks to my dear friends who dropped by to my Convocation ceremony, and their present had made my day became more meaningful!

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Are we still friends?

Well...this question has been playing in my mind for quite some time. Are we still friends?
Being friends, no doubt, friends can be classified into different types and groups. I have been treating *Alice into my Best Friend group, however; at times *Alice treated in a cold way as a return. Wondering why and I could not stop myself from questioning myself why is that so?

I met *Alice in my college, well...such a coincident and thanks to another particular friend where me and *Alice were introduced to each other and somehow became friends before proceeding into the so-called "best friends" group. The age varies definitely did not stop us from building the bonds.

Should I care when *Alice treats me in such a cold way? *Alice did not keep an eye-contact with me anymore even though she used to. What more...she even answered my open-ended question with an answer merely as short as a 'yes' or 'no'. Comparing the the past, *Alice will absolutely having the endless chat with me when I threw her a simple question like 'How are you, dude?'

You know what? I was totally depressed when I knew about it. I hardly convinced myself into believing this cruelty she has just created. Should I be informed what is reason behind the act? Treating her as a friend from the top of my heart...but what do I received as a return? Well...I do care, yes I do! I do not mind if you just ignore me and walk away from my life but please give me a sufficient and convincing reason, at least one of it although it might be just a lame excuse.

I do care, my friend!
All of all is because you're worth to be a best friend!

*Alice - Names changed prior to privacy

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