-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.


i have been using "stranger" as my display name in MSN messenger 2 days ago. and yet, i have been repeating again and again explaining what does it mean, to some of my friends who asked me "hey, stranger! why are you using stranger as your display name?"
and well, when i'm not into the mood, i will just reply with "haha! just for the sake of fun!!"; however, to some of my bestie, i will try to explain to them what does stranger actually meant to me.
in a sudden,an idea popped up on my mind. yah, i'm going to blog using stranger as a new post title.
stranger, which is a simple word which carries the meaning of the unknown, someone who seems unfamiliar to us.
however, stranger, carries a vary meaning to me. "stranger", in other words, describing someone whom i knew very well and were very close to, but now turned out to be someone who seems extremely strange to me.
and now, we never shared the happiness and sadness like we used to have, never talked to each other although we were standing face-to-face, never smiled at each other again, never greet each other anymore
does "stranger" means a differ to you as well?
by the way, we should let bygones be bygones. the gist of it is, i know i'm not alone. =)

by stranger
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durian fest on 240509

fu-yoh!!! as we had been busying for wesak day preparation, so, there comes an opportunity for us to enjoy the yummy durian in balik pulau. =D
there were a total number of 68 members who joined the durian fest yesterday. a friend of mine, who is a friendly and kind-hearted guy, gave us a ride to the destination. *thanks buddy!* however, i guess the driver is friendly but not the car, of which i knocked my head twice on the window. lol
there were 6 of us sitting in a car, i still remembered the car plat number, P?? 7976 if i'm not mistaken.
PS: move away if you see this car! lol...
he drove madly yet fun...speedy! a new kind of experience that i have never ever tried before! (i was like sitting in Jay's Initial-D car, serious!!) i was shocked at first but slowly i get used to it. =) we had fun and jokes along the way.

this picture was captured while we were enjoying our yummy durian. starting from the left is yuan jie, xi liang, me, wei zhen, kai tzong and our shifu. i have never been to balik pulau before. i love the nature environment. and i can describe it as a kampung style. relaxing.....

a closer touch with the nature

fortunately, i'm able to snap the scenery over there =D

a group of buddy

this is the mini water-fall

have you seen the flesh of a durian?

before going back, we went to tropical fruit farm which located in teluk bahang, and i tried this so-called famous ice-kacang, hmm... tasted not bad =)

i enjoyed the outing so much although it was a tiring one. i tried out variety types of durian, a bitter one, a sweet one and etc.
what are you waiting for?? you should give them a try although it has a strong fragrance!! =D

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the view

today after having our class, me and my classmates went out for a movie. we watched "night at the museum 2". it was a nice show tough, i enjoyed the joke in the movie so much. after all, my friend dropped us at college after the show. the minute before i drive my way back home, i felt like wanting to go to the beach. so, there comes the picture that i've attached here. i felt totally relaxing when i came to the beach, hence, i simply snap a few pictures as i felt it would be best to describe my feeling now! yeah! you got it right!! it's loneliness. in other words, you can describe it as cold and blue, very down and full of disappointment and heart broken! i might be bleeding inside although i looked quite optimistic all the time. i wonder how should i re-act especially in front of you, in front of the people who cared so much for me, in front of my friends, in front of my family. should i always smile all the time? or should i expressed out everything whatever i had on my mind? some friends advised me to take it easy, yah, i knew it seems much easier to speak than act.

when i was at the beach, i started to think about the past. those either sweet or unpleasant memories that we used to had together. it might sounds a lil' weird why i'm still thinking of him although i knew that i shouldn't since the day where trust and honesty no longer exist in our relationship. as you can see in the pic, footprints are left behind after our journey had started. some leftovers are a lovely one, some are wonderful, some are pain-killing, some are remarkable, some are unforgettable. what about my leftovers to you??? are they still with you?

time will heal me, perhaps! when only can i get recovered? i'm sorry, anti-biotic isn't works to me even though you use it overdosed. sigh..... by the way, i'll always make myself happy...

thanks for reading...

By Jes
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some action must be taken

today it really drives me crazzy!!!
since this sem commenced until now,
it's already week 8 now.
i shouldn't behave in such way of attitude towards my study
i should have been pouring more effort on it
today when i got my test results,
it shocked me.... i was stunned and my brain was malfunctioned
and i knew i have not been putting much time on my study
i regret of wasting my precious time by online, chats, facebook, and many more
it's time to awake!!!
i'm guilty of what i did since the semester started until now...
a friend told me that i might be distracted by some upset incident
i guess i am.
but come on! this is my study, my future...
i shouldn't behave like this just because of the TINY incident
it's time!!! for me to wake up and start preparing myself for this coming exam
starting to hate myself for having such an irritating behavior!!!

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i should be happy right now but i'm not

last wed,
i went for a gathering with my secondary mates in Northem Beach
it was a nice place to dine in, there are lots of variety, delicious food but more expensive if compared to the others.... we had our dinner, chat and photo taking
feeling down 'coz some of my friends (from tarc) will be going to kampar and KL to further their study in no time.
we can hardly meet and hang out with each other in future.

another gathering was held on last fri, 10 of us which are class mates during f4 and f5,
we went to coffee island, which i found is another relaxing place but please do try the specially made soda drink.
although i had lot of fun hanging out with my friends.
however, after returning home....
i had a strange feeling deep inside my heart, which i couldn't describe it out with words
is it lonely?? i have no idea!!! i need someone badly... someone whom i can share my everything with, someone whom i can talk to, someone whom i can cry to, someone whom are willing to let me lean against on his/her shoulder....
i know all of my friends, my family are always by my side, supporting me...
i thought i'm able to overcome the obstacles that i've been facing,
unfortunately, i failed!!! sometimes, those memories keep flashing back on my mind...
what shall i do?? this is torturing me!!!

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