-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

i should be happy right now but i'm not

last wed,
i went for a gathering with my secondary mates in Northem Beach
it was a nice place to dine in, there are lots of variety, delicious food but more expensive if compared to the others.... we had our dinner, chat and photo taking
feeling down 'coz some of my friends (from tarc) will be going to kampar and KL to further their study in no time.
we can hardly meet and hang out with each other in future.

another gathering was held on last fri, 10 of us which are class mates during f4 and f5,
we went to coffee island, which i found is another relaxing place but please do try the specially made soda drink.
although i had lot of fun hanging out with my friends.
however, after returning home....
i had a strange feeling deep inside my heart, which i couldn't describe it out with words
is it lonely?? i have no idea!!! i need someone badly... someone whom i can share my everything with, someone whom i can talk to, someone whom i can cry to, someone whom are willing to let me lean against on his/her shoulder....
i know all of my friends, my family are always by my side, supporting me...
i thought i'm able to overcome the obstacles that i've been facing,
unfortunately, i failed!!! sometimes, those memories keep flashing back on my mind...
what shall i do?? this is torturing me!!!


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