-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

Happy 2011 a great new year

Yoo peeps!!!
If you guys still remember, I did mention about my trip to another country for 3 weeks' time. Yeah, exactly I'm now preparing for my Youth Exchange trip. Will be departing tomorrow. *exciting*

In other words, which means that there will be no updates from Jesyca's corner during that period.
Stay tune for more pictures sharing after that. Beforehand, I'd like to share some of my preparations.

#1 Souvenirs

#2 Penang souvenirs

#3 Gifts for my host family

#4 A token of gift to my host parents & the Saiki Lions Club,
representing me myself and my family.

That's all for now. Happy 2011 everyone!!!

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21st Birthday Blast

Well well well....turning into 21st officially, and I own my freedom! =)
Let the photos speak for the blast...

#1 Myself
(p.s.: the camera is not a gift)

#2 A gift from Mummy

#3 Thanks for The Memories (Hard Cover) by Cecelia Ahern
A gift from Akira

#4 Birthday card from College course-mates
(Adorable ain't it?)

#5 A dress by course-mates =)

#6 Chocolate from Fern
(she specially bought it from Langkawi)

#7 Birthday cake
(yes, gum gum and dum dum...
it's my bestie Kuen Mun, she's gum gum, so pick a guess who's dum dum then)

#8 Watch from my dear =)
(The 1st birthday pressie that I received on this year)

#9 Making a wish (probably wishes... Nah! How greedy am i!)

#10 Birthday celebration with Chia Mei and Fern at Nando's

#11 Ambushed birthday blast at my house from GTMers when the clock stroked sharp 12am on 14th Dec

#12 From GTMers as well...

#13 Loving this (thanks to Benny and all for the decoration)

#14 Jeng Jeng Jeng~~~ Pressie from Brother who couriered them from Sabah
(Tuesday with Morrie by Mitch Albom, it will be an interesting book)

#15 Finally...My new look!!!
(I'm waiting for a few weeks' time for my curl to look more natural and nice,
I mean after washing them for a few weeks,
as I don't really like the current curl tho 'coz it's too 'wild' for me Haha!!)

Thank you everyone for sending in all the birthday wishes via SMS, phone calls, Facebook wishes as well as the birthday blast celebration. Appreciate it much! ^^v

Merry X'mas and Happy New Year!

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what if there's a lot of what ifs
what if tomorrow i would never be awake
what if i couldn't breathe out in a sudden
what if I lost my directions to discontinue my dream

darkness, is really terrifying me
been thinking through those what ifs...
what kind of solutions, problems, outcomes and so on...
only if I can control things within palms

repeating to question myself that...
am I making things worst
probably I'm a problem creator
probably my emo mode has never been switched off

how long can you live?
once I was asked by my teacher
I stunned, not fear to it but was thinking thoroughly
it counts on the breathe...

please appreciate those people around you
they are just adorable and perfectly perfect to fit in
all the best and wishing everyone merry x'mas

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能解决的问题就理所当然不再是问题,那如果是无法解决的呢?懦弱的我会选择逃避,把头永远永远藏在乌龟壳里,更好的是不要把头抬起来了。很懦弱吧? 也或许藏到我觉得是时候解决了,那我也许会被迫硬着头皮去找答案吧。

记得之前一段时间,问过我的麻吉,“如果心灵上累了,该怎么冲刺?” 她给了我很多很多解决方法。 真的真的心灵上,觉得好累,不管是面对事物,人类都好,一切都觉得很假想很虚假,师父说,当多接触佛法后,就会了解一切既是‘空’,或许现在的我处于烦恼之中,需要时间来磨练吧。

拥有;失去, 是俩相反的东西。我珍惜我所拥有的一切,但,更害怕失去一切,这也许是人的贪念吧?属于你的始终会归于你,不是你的,再怎么留也只不过是个’空’。


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Rains pouring, showering every creature
The flowers, the grass, the roads and the soil
Each drop of rains are actually dancing rhythmically
Rainbows always shown after rain, am wishing so do you.

Recently I have tons and tons, piles and piles of ups and downs emotions, wanting to blog'em up, but sad case that I couldn't spare out the extra time for blogging. I know I know, some of you gonna tell me, 'Bad time-management' or 'Time is always on your hand, depends on how are you gonna manage it'. Yea, I agree with the above mentioned, as I used to telling my friends about the exact, same thing, too.

Well...for the past few days, as I still managed to recall, I was poured with happiness and surprises. Promising I will blog them one by one when it comes to the right time. I think I will let my pictures speak on my behalf, I know wordy bloggie isn't attractive compared to pictures and colorful stuff. =)

Making fun with my friend's spec. Look nerd right?
PS: Saw the color of my hair??? =)

Celebrating 21st birthday for bestie (from left: Me, Elisa and Janet)
Loving the color tone of my hair.

Leo Activities: Recycled Project at Residence Area.
It was a project where I found it very interesting and fun-doing, as if I'm contributing a little but not much, at least, to our Mother Earth.
(PS: I had my hair dyed on the day before)

Leo Activities, again: Joint Installation
Congratulate to all those new Leos who's now joining the big family, being officially installed as a Leo.

Yes, sorry to bore you, Leo activities: Service Starts From Home - Care For the Elderly

Being an Emcee for a Vegetarian Food Fair organized by Triple Wisdom Hall.
Beside me is my partner, Dew Lim. She's lovely and pretty, isn't she?

Erhmm, should I classify him as my senior?
He's the one who taught me a lot no matter in Leo or being an Emcee, he's no one else but Kim, I used to call him Uncle Kim, punishment for him calling me after funny and crappy names. *evil laugh*

Spot me!
Yea, this is Malaysian-Chinese culture, we do enjoy holding lanterns on Mid-Autumn Festival, together the celebration goes on with mooncake.
(Reminiscing of the past)

Introducing another pretty and youthful lady, Vivien.
She came along the way from Kuala Lumpur and joined us for the event.

No doubt that's me! We were asked to pose in a funny and creative way.

Attended my bestie's graduation ceremony.
PS: Congratulations!!! And all the best!

Lastly, I fell in love with Bloop de Paris - puff blusher. Especially the youthful pinky tone.
They are adorable and irresistible! Pampering myself with this product.

That's it for this post, probably it's overloaded activities that hold within a month.
What more? It's a superbseptember!

Introducing the song that I'm recently madly in love with.
Just A Dream Cover (Nelly) - Jason Chen & Vincent Joseph

Youtube at here.
Facebook for Jason Chen is right here.

PS: Vincent looks cool in this clip!

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Ferris Wheel

A Ferris Wheel also known as observation wheel or big wheel, according to Wikipedia.
(Picture from Wikipedia)

In this era, who doesn't know what ferris wheel is? Well, no offense. In case you don't, take a quick peep at the picture below.

Whenever I look at Ferris Wheel at funfair, it will reminisce me of the past, or reflecting at our life. We felt excited when we first stepped into the cubical cars; and we are eager to reach up to the highest point and observe things that has slowly became a tiny one where we are beyond everyone else, and soon...we slowly slip down after spending 1 big and complete round in our small cubical.

That kind of sensations is difficult to be expressed out in words, something like...smooth and yet nervous, excited and yet afraid and so on... Ever wonder why Ferris Wheel doesn't turn anti-clockwise? It applies the similar theory in life, we hardly having a 'U-turn' in life, or so called 'reversing'. As the quote sounds, let bygones be bygones, what is done is done. Don't ever complain life's so cruel so mean to each of us, but if it's not, why is it calling life?

Nothing's perfect, yes indeed it's true. But, we are practicing towards a perfectionist, ain't we?
Appreciate for whatever or whoever you're having now, will ya?

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The baby lizard murderer

It was a pretty cold night, where the girl just had her long and warmth shower after a cool rainy afternoon, and soon, she proceed to the balcony.

It was gloomy dark at the balcony, so she intended to switch on the light, but...."Naw! Let's go green and save the mother earth, more energy consumed if I switch on the light. Moreover, I can still see my fingers although it's in the dark", she murmured to herself.

Meanwhile, she thought of checking out the latest stuff in Facebook soon after she's done with her laundry. So, she quicken up everything and marched to her room. After the second marched, she froze, "Hmm.....something is wrong!!! Did I just stepped on something softy? Or...is it just probably a dirt?". No doubt, she twisted her head back, with a blur vision looking down on the floor and questioned herself, "What the hell is the darky stuff?".

She hestitated a while before turning on the light. Oh G-O-S-H! A bloody stain was left behind on the tile, her curiosity was killing her, so she squatted down and took a peep. "OH MY HELL GOD!!!", she screamed and hopped to the toilet bowl and started washing her feet with plenty of body soap. She's the murderer! She's the murderer! Only guilts filled up in her mind. A tiny, baby lizard was lying dead on the tile, with the tiny tail pumping and waving weakly as if it was calling for a rescue.

She lost her rational at that moment, hence, she begged for the mother's help. The mother spontaneously wrapped the body with a few pieces of tissue and dumped it into the bin and consoled her, "Everything's fine right now, my dear." The girl put herself in guilt, and prayed for the baby lizard. May the baby lizard rest in peace.

*Based on a true, real life story. It was just an accident with no any harmful intention. Exaggerations ways of writing may be included and it is just for sharing purposes.

P.S.: Obviously, 'the girl' in the story is nobody else but the author of the Bloggie, Ms Jesyca.

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Well...people nowadays tends to be tongue tied to the common quote, 'An apple a day, keeps the doctor away'. However, in fact, be it sincere that how many of us do practice eating apples daily? Ironically, actions speak louder than words, sometimes we ought to admit.

Laughter, is one of a very impressive way of staying youth as our age increases. Well...do not get bothered if you are tired of munching an apple a day, what else you gotta do is just have a smile, or a laugh. Exactly, that is my quote, 'A joke a day that keeps you young forever'. =)

My dear reader(s), have you ever wondered I've been spending a lesser time blogging, if you do realize it. To be more precise, there's actually reasons behind. For the sake of 'sensitivity', hence I could not blog as freely as I used to, could not express out loudly as I used to. In other words, think twice before I write. It works out the similar way where the law of "ISA-Internal Security Act" was imposed in Malaysia.

Blogging should be fun, I know. So I am making myself to smile at least once a day to boost up my moody mood, or a more general word spelled as 'emo'. Friends, please smile and make everyday as your day!


Japanese instrument.
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Blogger is cool, right now!

Hey peeps! Heard what I said? Yea, Blogger is cool now! With the help from my brother, I finally can upload my entry with a song enclosed. Cool ain't it? This is just a short and brief post, I'll upload more, I'll puke more into my Bloggie-bin, promise you'll stay tuned alright?

Introducing a lovely korean sentimental song, is an Original Sound Track, again. From the drama of Beautiful Days - 为了你. One of my favorite song, it's my message ring-tone now!

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What if...

Headphones are tuned, music being played, blood flows after rhythm;
the night was torn by the lullaby.
What if...the headphones weren't tuned? Would I be placed in a cheerier mood?

Text-es were sent, feedback received, dreams broken into pieces, disappointment appears.
What if...message wasn't conveyed? Would it be better after all?

Seeing each others, clashes into river of love, promises were made, separation is unbearable;
the road not taken, due to distinct dreams formed.
What if...decision weren't made? Would we still seeing each other now?

Time flies, clock ticks continuously, we grow daily, kids to adult, matured way of thinking, cautious for steps taken;
we fall...we fell, we stand...we stood, learning is priority.
What if...we fall but never learned? Would we be able to move on confidently?

What if....
We made mistakes, we learn, we move on.
Those little imperfections that make life perfect.

I strongly believe, 'Regret' creates a colorful life.

Introducing a song, a OST from Korean Series Boys Over Flower, Do You Know by Someday.

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I'm sorry for not updating my Blog for such a long time. Well, things had been getting from fully packed to relaxing period; and yet now from relaxing holiday going to be flooded with tons of tasks, again. Tasks are neither the JIT (Just-In-Time) assignments nor Examinations, anymore. Instead, they are lists of series, such as Glee, Lie To Me, Gossip Girls, Prison Break, and etc.... That should be more than enough for me to go through my long semester break. Additionally, novels are piled up in my room, you know what....Twilight, New Moon.... (I might be a little outdated 'coz I am reading them right now but you guys might finished reading'em centuries ago) What a life, isn't it? (Not bragging, just...just a brief picture of my current life)

For the past few weeks, I went through for my Examinations so I did not grab a chance to update my Blog. Following up, I switched the plan for my Internet Service Provider, to a better and worthily one I supposed. Hence, sorry again 'coz I couldn't write any post for approximately a week. Well said, ain't it?

During the month of June, my mind was overflowed with tons and tons of thoughts, evils...darnly evil thoughts! Sometimes I loathe on myself for behaving such a way. I kept questioning myself, am I doing the right thing? Am I doing things right? Well...I was relieved that I did not burst'em out here, you know there's a rules for Blogger, think twice before you write anything, it's not a good sign to write without filtering. Well...at least I am practicing and stressing on this, but ignore this if you are not. Stop beating about the bush anymore, straight'em up, Yeap, exactly I'm talking about human behavior, once again. I wonder how many times I've been bringing this topic up in my Blog....

No doubt people do loves apple polish, but please limit it!
Exactly people procrastinate much, but please acknowledged the due!
Please do not be such a boastful, acting as if you know every single tiny stuff when you're not!
Show some respects please, my dear...to the elderly especially!

I hope this is not a rude post, swearing neither fingers pointing to anyone, just a sharing out of thoughts that I hardly expressed out. It has come to the stage where.....things are completely indescribable in 26 alphabetical. Just for sharing purposes....

Image Link
PS: The Random Post Ever
(Apologize but deeply no offense)

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