-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

Bleeding Love-Leona Lewis; Sad Promises-Davichi

I'm guilty (Guilty - Blue)

You're the kinda guy, a girl finds in a blue moon (Ain't No Other Man - Christina Aguilera)
I see the sparkle of million flashlights (Touch My Hand - David Archuleta)
But the one that's shinning out so bright (Touch My Hand - David Archuleta)
Is the one right where you are (Touch My Hand - David Archuleta)
Every time you're near I feel like I'm in heaven (Shane Ward - No Promises)
With you by my side I will fight and defend (Keep Holding On - Avril Lavinge)

No matter what I do (Dilemma - Nelly)
I'm longing, for words to describe how I'm feeling (A Twist In My Story - Secondhand Serenade)
I can't speak I'm starring at perfection (Stranger - Secondhand Serenade)
All I think about is you (Dilemma - Nelly)
Lying here with you (I Could Not Ask For More - Edwin Mccain)
Listening to the rain (I Could Not Ask For More - Edwin Mccain)
Smilin just to see The smile upon your face (I Could Not Ask For More - Edwin Mccain)

For the very first time with you My heart melted to the ground (Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis)
And you've got a smile that could light up this whole town (You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift)
I'm confident But I can't pretend I wasn't terrified to meet you (Stranger - Secondhand Serenade)
I knew you could see right through me (Stranger - Secondhand Serenade)
I'm counting the seconds until you break the silence (A Twist In My Story - Secondhand Serenade)
I said Te Amo, wouldn't somebody tell me what she said (Te Amo - Rihanna)
Think it means I love you (Te Amo - Rihanna)
All the love we made can never be erased (Never Be Replaced - 1st Lady)

"I think of you and I'm strong
And I know I can go on
It's like you set me free When life gets the best of me
I just think of you” (Think of you - Tata Young)
Ain't no other man it's true (Ain't No Other Man - Christina Aguilera)
Ain't no other man but you (Ain't No Other Man - Christina Aguilera)

We'd never have to wonder if We missed out on each other now (Realize - Colbie Caillat)
Just, stay strong (Keep Holding On - Avril Lavinge)
For the good times through the bad times (Think Of You - Tata Young)
I just think of you (Think Of You - Tata Young)

“Just another lesson to be learned
Gotta move on and not lose faith
Just another obstacle to take
Live my life before it gets too late
I won't give up I won't stay down
This is what life's worth living for
I still believe in love
I'm holding the warmth of your lips It feels like the time we first kissed
When all of the stars lined up for us” (Still Believe in Love - Jenny Hyun)

There's only one thing to do Three words for you I Love You (1234 - Plain White T's)
I never want to play the games that people play (Guilty - Blue)
I'm here for you (Keep holding on - Avril Lavinge)

Kiss The Rain
Click Here! (Video for Kiss The Rain by Yiruma)

PS: There's only one thing to do Three words for you I Love You (1234 - Plain White T's)

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Moving forward or backward?

Yes it sounds a little coward for a girl like me, to ask a silly question whether to move forward or backward. Well, those were the days, where we (a bunch of friends) used to spend up our leisure time grouping together, study group, or even chit-chatting over non-sense, and most importantly organizing events together.
However, ironically, nowadays, we no longer spend much time together, and recently the silly thought keep flashing in my mind, what is my purpose of going to the same so-called "nostalgia" place?
Each and every time I experienced a different feeling soon after coming back from there. (Well, a place where once upon a time, had became my second home-sweet-home)

It was my pleasure that I was appointed (today) as the assistant events emcee (emcee - Master of Ceremonies). No doubt I learn a lot from a senior, or you can considered her as the experienced and skillful one. She has taught me a few useful skills on handling the overall occasion. Unfortunately, I couldn't absorb as much as a new sponge, instead, I managed to jot them down into a piece of blank paper which after all resulted in a full page of words.

Moving forward requires a lot of courage, bravery, thousand times of trials and of course effort.
Moving backward shows that I am a coward, timid one who prefer to remain staying in the same place without making any movement except to the backward.

Anyhow, I am still, looking and surfing for the best and suitable motive, pushing myself to move forward and not backward. Probably I need to explore more.

PS: This might be a blur, difficult to understand and complicated post, by the way, it is merely a general expression, nothing much.

A picture of the ceremony for the day.

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Fall for you (by secondhand serenade)

A wonderful 1-day-date I ever had,
A worth-spending day (luckily) I did not miss,
An irresistible (earliest) birthday gift I ever received,
A surprising firework (which) out of my expectation,
A perfect time arrangement I ever seen,
A night where I completely lost my mind falling for you.

Those are words in describing a memorable day in my life.
Thank you so much!
I do enjoyed the day, and I meant it.

PS: Curiosity kills at time.

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Camp in Tanjung Malim

Time flies..
It's been more than 4 days I was unable to keep attached to my blog. Well, I spent my precious-only-4-days holidays in a camp at Tanjung Malim which is located in Perak i suppose. To be honest, it was a tiring, exhausting and yet enjoyable camp. Throughout the 4 days 3 nights camp, thanksfully I managed to grab few extra skills, wasn't mean that I couldn't learn it in Penang, it was just merely meeting up a perfect nun at the perfect time. Well, I did appreciate and trying to implement what was being told, seriously. Thank you so much, the realization has transformed my life turned into a colorful one and is no longer the previous one which contains only 2 tones - black and white.

The temple which I had spent 4 days overnight there. 佛宝林 Tanjung Malim

My partner 秀勤 and me. (She's a nice girl, and a teacher-to-be)

Khai Tzong and me. (The board for the opening ceremony, good job!!)

熙良 aka Namo - The one who drove us safely to the destination.

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The Endless Night - Part 2

As I promised on the previous post, stay tuned for more pictures to be uploaded for the next round.
Here you go...

The 3 ladies in white - (from left) Jes, Gaik Mooi & Amely

(from left) SoonKhoon's buddy, Jes, Justina, Gaik Mooi, Amely & Soon Khoon

Well, finally I'm released from the dilemma. (Thanks to those friends who dropped comments on concerning my condition)
As consequence, I might hurt someone else indirectly. Hence, I need to apologize to them over here.
Sorry and thanks for being such understanding.
No matter how, life's still on the go.
I am preparing myself for the upcoming activity - 4 days camp in Tanjung Malim.
Buddy, wish me best of luck. Take care.

PS: I will be back on next Tuesday, promise I will bring lot of pictures for the next post. =)

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The Endless Night

Oh well, "The Endless Night", was the theme for the prom organized by a fellow degree students from Disted College on 12th September 2009.
My bunch of friends and me neither enjoyed the night nor the food. (It was kinda bored and probably we were sitting right at the back, so our view were all blocked)

Anyhow, at least I can proudly say it to my besties "Hey! I was at the prom!"
Should be a great experience though, as it is my final year in the college.
When I'm about to blog it here, I need to thanks to Jayce again, my make-up artist.

The Endless Night

Gaik Mooi & Me (in the car)

Dearly princess, Amely

In the ladies *SHY*
From the left : Amely, Gaik Mooi, Jes & Justina

The guys (from left) Soon Khoon and his buddy

Justina & Me

2 more pictures are still on the progress. Stay tuned~

Realizing my post is far different from the usual one?
Exactly, I either ended them with "stay tuned" or "to be continued".
Well, today I wasn't in the mood, thankfully after class, my bestie Amely managed to pull me out from being day-dreaming again.
Feeling to drop me a comment after "Hey, why being down again? Why day-dreaming again?" ?
What could I utter is....my dear friend, we're always here whenever you need us.

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The above picture was taken during Region 1 Omega & Alpha Leo Clubs Joint induction & Installation 09/10 organized on 31st August 2009 at Han Chiang College.
Board of Directors
Leo Club of Georgetown Mutiara
Roar Roar Roar!

Nothing much I want to write here.
I have been doing things great, a hectic one indeed.
Loads of assignments are coming up, Leo Club functions, task to-be-done for my part-time job, camps and etc.
Last but not least, i'm in a deep dilemma. Deciding on should or shouldn't?
To be continued....

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