-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

Moving forward or backward?

Yes it sounds a little coward for a girl like me, to ask a silly question whether to move forward or backward. Well, those were the days, where we (a bunch of friends) used to spend up our leisure time grouping together, study group, or even chit-chatting over non-sense, and most importantly organizing events together.
However, ironically, nowadays, we no longer spend much time together, and recently the silly thought keep flashing in my mind, what is my purpose of going to the same so-called "nostalgia" place?
Each and every time I experienced a different feeling soon after coming back from there. (Well, a place where once upon a time, had became my second home-sweet-home)

It was my pleasure that I was appointed (today) as the assistant events emcee (emcee - Master of Ceremonies). No doubt I learn a lot from a senior, or you can considered her as the experienced and skillful one. She has taught me a few useful skills on handling the overall occasion. Unfortunately, I couldn't absorb as much as a new sponge, instead, I managed to jot them down into a piece of blank paper which after all resulted in a full page of words.

Moving forward requires a lot of courage, bravery, thousand times of trials and of course effort.
Moving backward shows that I am a coward, timid one who prefer to remain staying in the same place without making any movement except to the backward.

Anyhow, I am still, looking and surfing for the best and suitable motive, pushing myself to move forward and not backward. Probably I need to explore more.

PS: This might be a blur, difficult to understand and complicated post, by the way, it is merely a general expression, nothing much.

A picture of the ceremony for the day.

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  • Wow, you are the assistant events emcee? The feeling must be great, right?

    You "ffk" us on Saturday lar, made us worked on the ground so terribly... *Just joking* XD

  • Panicking, nervous plus great??
    Most of the time my partner handled it, hehe! I did not do much of it.

    Well, "ffk" for LCCP project only ma. =P (Definitely I missed out lots of joyful)
    By the way, I knew you worked hard on the ground, that's why I quickly snapped one picture and post it as complement. Or should I edit the details for the picture "A piece of hard work by Akira" XD

  • Being an emcee is not an easy task, I would love to take up this job, since I'm still lack of this experience...

    No need any compliment of course, I just helped out whatever I can... You know what, me, Kim and Tzong said that we should work for the construction side, since we have experience on it... Haha!!!

  • Really? When there's a chance I will recommend you to them as emcee. =)

    Haha!! Yea, you guys should.
    How about helping the San Hui construction as well?? Hehe FOC labor =P