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The Endless Night

Oh well, "The Endless Night", was the theme for the prom organized by a fellow degree students from Disted College on 12th September 2009.
My bunch of friends and me neither enjoyed the night nor the food. (It was kinda bored and probably we were sitting right at the back, so our view were all blocked)

Anyhow, at least I can proudly say it to my besties "Hey! I was at the prom!"
Should be a great experience though, as it is my final year in the college.
When I'm about to blog it here, I need to thanks to Jayce again, my make-up artist.

The Endless Night

Gaik Mooi & Me (in the car)

Dearly princess, Amely

In the ladies *SHY*
From the left : Amely, Gaik Mooi, Jes & Justina

The guys (from left) Soon Khoon and his buddy

Justina & Me

2 more pictures are still on the progress. Stay tuned~

Realizing my post is far different from the usual one?
Exactly, I either ended them with "stay tuned" or "to be continued".
Well, today I wasn't in the mood, thankfully after class, my bestie Amely managed to pull me out from being day-dreaming again.
Feeling to drop me a comment after "Hey, why being down again? Why day-dreaming again?" ?
What could I utter is....my dear friend, we're always here whenever you need us.

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