-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.


The above picture was taken during Region 1 Omega & Alpha Leo Clubs Joint induction & Installation 09/10 organized on 31st August 2009 at Han Chiang College.
Board of Directors
Leo Club of Georgetown Mutiara
Roar Roar Roar!

Nothing much I want to write here.
I have been doing things great, a hectic one indeed.
Loads of assignments are coming up, Leo Club functions, task to-be-done for my part-time job, camps and etc.
Last but not least, i'm in a deep dilemma. Deciding on should or shouldn't?
To be continued....

5 colorful drop(s):

  • Hmmm not bad huh, so much things some more dilemma?
    Well just to help you reduce your dilemma ya?
    Things that have been straighten out will be fine as it is.
    Waiting is not a hard thing for the worm to do ya?
    Focus on your works also okay?
    Hehe add oil then, when you need help, I think you would know the worm who is waiting and wiling to help is there...hehe
    Support will always be provided by WORMy..

  • Hello, loved this post ! Really enjoyed reading it so thank you and best wishes

  • dilemma? whats made you felt like that?
    anyways think twice before make your decision.

  • Wormy: It's difficult when one's falling into a dilemma. Things should be working out as normal but eventually it went upside down. That's panicking! Well, I will juggle my time for study and work. Don't you worry over that, thanks by the way. And appreciate it for your 24-hourly-support.

    Elise: Glad that you enjoyed reading it. =)

    Ting: A dilemma which is hard to make any move and decision. Thinking twice is a must before making a final decision and yet it is also the most difficult part of it. Thanks for your advice. How're you and daddy? It's been a long time since your daughter(me) paid you a visit, ain't it? Miss you guys so much!

  • Welcome you to join up the big family of Leo Club of George Town Mutiara! Have you found the teamwork between us? Have you met up with difficulties between these periods?

    Just let me know if you do...

    Last but not least, I'm glad to know you, since right after 25 April 09!