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If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

Happy CNY!

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you!

Well, during this CNY, a merely fifteen days' time frame is actually not sufficient for me to enjoy. Most of the leisure time I spent it with my Leo club fellows and my family. In short, we've visited to different places on each of the fifteen days as there were a numbers and different occasions took place at. You might find it out from here, but...not to forget the VVIP (Very Very Important Person), credits to Akira for the nice photo snapping although he was using only an ordinary digital camera instead of a DSLR. *Thumbs up!*

Other than that, please take a look carefully at the picture below. Oh great~ It is a parcel, and it is mailed from Japan, Osaka. Who else? That's my dearest host-sister, Satsuki. I was on cloud nine upon receiving the gift from her. *Huggies*

The parcel box was filled with Japanese tidbits and a Hello Kitty wishing card.

Time really flies. We are going to bid farewell to Mr. February and welcome Ms. March. Don't it sounds cruel? *sobbing* In another 3 weeks' time, I have to prepare and transform the total workaholic of me into a dummy student. Anyhow, best of luck on whatever thingy I'm doing on. And of course, same goes to the folks! =) Cheers!

Promising that I will, update more and more up-coming activities and my thoughts. My instinct is back on track! *Woo-hoo, the blog is successfully activated*

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People are weird, at times, we are looking at every single and tiny stuff into something perfectionist; at times, we will not be bothered about perfectionist anymore as we used to quote 'life is extremely short and who cares?' Hence, how about an evil-looking left-over huge scar right on your arm, will you be bothered by it?

Scar and kiloid is different. As generally, keloid is a greatly enlarged scar that projects above the skin surface. The skin heals by formation of scar tissue, which at first is often red and somewhat prominent. As the months pass, a scar usually becomes flat. Unfortunately, sometimes scars enlarge to form firm, smooth, hard growths called kiloid. From the source of this website, you can easily having a clearer picture of the difference between the two of them.

Life is tough when passers-by are looking strangely at you as if you are such an abnormal kid. For someone like me who is slightly sensitive towards the way they look at me, uncomfortable is the only word I could ever described. Oh gosh! How pathetic it would be, by envying those youthful girls whose skin are fair, even and smooth, wearing sleeveless and lovely dress hanging out around with folks.

"Come on! Don't get distracted over such a small matter, tell me who doesn't has a scar either?", my friends urged me. However, that is why I was saying that human is extremely strange. At times, when my guts are back with me, I went outings with a spaghetti straps; and yet at times, I would just hide my kiloid off as if I do not own 1 neither.

Solutions and treatments are provided over the Internet such as surgical excision or injection and the cost is neither affordable. However, skin types play an important during the recovering period, too.

I am still, searching for my guts and courage. If I were to be successful, I will make a change-over on my style of dressing, definitely I bet I will!

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Speechless post

Yea...it's a speechless post. =)

#1 - 2009 Christmas Eve at Penang E&O Hotel
Clockwise from top - Yen Ee, Jesyca and Satsuki

#2 - Pinang Peranakan House
From left - Satsuki, Jesyca

#3 - Pinang Peranakan House
From left - Satsuki, Jesyca

#4 - Pinang Peranakan House
From left - Akira, Satsuki, Jesyca

#5 - Sponsoring Lions Club Charity Countdown party at Eastin Hotel
From left - Khai Tzong, Akira, Jesyca and Wai Loon

#6 - Jesyca is so generous!
Left - Khai Tzong, Wai Loon and Jesyca

#7 - Audrey and Jesyca

#8 - Satsuki could merely hold Penang Komtar!!!

#9 - Countdown Party buffet
From left - Satsuki, Jesyca, Yuusuke, Khai Tzong and Wai Loon

#10 - Our creation of Batik

#11 - Trip to Penang Toy Museum
From left - Jesyca, Satsuki, Akira and Cacing

#12 - At Penang Fort Cornwallis

#13 - Penang Chingay celebration
From left - Cacing, Carine, Wai Loon, Satsuki and Jesyca

#14 - Trip to Alor Setar, visiting Alor Setar Central Club
From left - Carine, Jesyca and Satsuki

#15- Hiking outdoor activity at Penang Youth Park
Front left - Satsuki, Siew Phing, Carine, Jesyca, Akira
Top clockwise : Wai Loon, Guan Wei, and Yuusuke

#16 - At Coffee Lane
Left - Jesyca, Guan Wei, Guan Wei's friend and Satsuki

#17 - Countdown Party
Left - Lion Shawn, Yuusuke, Satsuki, Jesyca, Akira, Khai Tzong and Wai Loon

#18 - My 1.6m huge bear bear with Yi Qi (my little sister)

#19 - While we were working at Sunshine City as Events Crew
Jesyca and Carine

#20 - Jesyca's coloring

#21 - Origami (Japanese paper folding)
It is a gift from Satsuki before she left Malaysia

#22 - 2 magazines from Japan and a mini English-Japanese learning tour guide book
(gift from Satsuki)

#23 - The souvenir from Satsuki as a Youth Exchange

More and more updates...please stay tuned.
By the way, Chinese New Year is just around the corner, wishing everyone has a prosperity year ahead!

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