-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.


People are weird, at times, we are looking at every single and tiny stuff into something perfectionist; at times, we will not be bothered about perfectionist anymore as we used to quote 'life is extremely short and who cares?' Hence, how about an evil-looking left-over huge scar right on your arm, will you be bothered by it?

Scar and kiloid is different. As generally, keloid is a greatly enlarged scar that projects above the skin surface. The skin heals by formation of scar tissue, which at first is often red and somewhat prominent. As the months pass, a scar usually becomes flat. Unfortunately, sometimes scars enlarge to form firm, smooth, hard growths called kiloid. From the source of this website, you can easily having a clearer picture of the difference between the two of them.

Life is tough when passers-by are looking strangely at you as if you are such an abnormal kid. For someone like me who is slightly sensitive towards the way they look at me, uncomfortable is the only word I could ever described. Oh gosh! How pathetic it would be, by envying those youthful girls whose skin are fair, even and smooth, wearing sleeveless and lovely dress hanging out around with folks.

"Come on! Don't get distracted over such a small matter, tell me who doesn't has a scar either?", my friends urged me. However, that is why I was saying that human is extremely strange. At times, when my guts are back with me, I went outings with a spaghetti straps; and yet at times, I would just hide my kiloid off as if I do not own 1 neither.

Solutions and treatments are provided over the Internet such as surgical excision or injection and the cost is neither affordable. However, skin types play an important during the recovering period, too.

I am still, searching for my guts and courage. If I were to be successful, I will make a change-over on my style of dressing, definitely I bet I will!

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  • I do understand that you will feel uncomfortable when passers-by look at you differently.

    I just wanna ask you, "Who cares if you have such a huge scar on your right arm? Will it be a totally disaster for you?". Yes, sorry to be such a rude manner to say "Who cares if..", but I really want to let you know that you are not the only one who have keloid, and of course, there are millions of girls outside, and their arms also got keloid. Just be normal, I believe you want to live happily for your life, right? Just ignore what other people thinks of the keloid; yes, those are their perceptions only. Another fact is, there are so much of people outside, who suffer much pains, and I believe their arms or legs got horrible scars too. Indeed we are lucky, can you think of that?

    I believe someday, and one day it comes, you will make a change on your style of dressing. I will be waiting for it! :)

    Cheers and may the "courage" be with you! :)

  • It is a kiloid, that is truth;
    It is a visible mark, that is truth;
    It may be an awful scar to you, it eventually cause you some troublesome, somehow...
    maybe sometimes you see the mark, you will upset, but at least it does no harm to your physical activities.

    I know it's hard moment for you when you think about the ugly mark. Felt the sad moment, then you have to be brave again...

    Im sure you will be alright^^ Just remember all our fingers wont have the same length ether.