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Speechless post

Yea...it's a speechless post. =)

#1 - 2009 Christmas Eve at Penang E&O Hotel
Clockwise from top - Yen Ee, Jesyca and Satsuki

#2 - Pinang Peranakan House
From left - Satsuki, Jesyca

#3 - Pinang Peranakan House
From left - Satsuki, Jesyca

#4 - Pinang Peranakan House
From left - Akira, Satsuki, Jesyca

#5 - Sponsoring Lions Club Charity Countdown party at Eastin Hotel
From left - Khai Tzong, Akira, Jesyca and Wai Loon

#6 - Jesyca is so generous!
Left - Khai Tzong, Wai Loon and Jesyca

#7 - Audrey and Jesyca

#8 - Satsuki could merely hold Penang Komtar!!!

#9 - Countdown Party buffet
From left - Satsuki, Jesyca, Yuusuke, Khai Tzong and Wai Loon

#10 - Our creation of Batik

#11 - Trip to Penang Toy Museum
From left - Jesyca, Satsuki, Akira and Cacing

#12 - At Penang Fort Cornwallis

#13 - Penang Chingay celebration
From left - Cacing, Carine, Wai Loon, Satsuki and Jesyca

#14 - Trip to Alor Setar, visiting Alor Setar Central Club
From left - Carine, Jesyca and Satsuki

#15- Hiking outdoor activity at Penang Youth Park
Front left - Satsuki, Siew Phing, Carine, Jesyca, Akira
Top clockwise : Wai Loon, Guan Wei, and Yuusuke

#16 - At Coffee Lane
Left - Jesyca, Guan Wei, Guan Wei's friend and Satsuki

#17 - Countdown Party
Left - Lion Shawn, Yuusuke, Satsuki, Jesyca, Akira, Khai Tzong and Wai Loon

#18 - My 1.6m huge bear bear with Yi Qi (my little sister)

#19 - While we were working at Sunshine City as Events Crew
Jesyca and Carine

#20 - Jesyca's coloring

#21 - Origami (Japanese paper folding)
It is a gift from Satsuki before she left Malaysia

#22 - 2 magazines from Japan and a mini English-Japanese learning tour guide book
(gift from Satsuki)

#23 - The souvenir from Satsuki as a Youth Exchange

More and more updates...please stay tuned.
By the way, Chinese New Year is just around the corner, wishing everyone has a prosperity year ahead!

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  • What a speechless post! Blek! Yeah, just let all the photos do all the talking! :)

    Well, Satsuki had left Penang for nearly a month, and of course, we do miss her a lots too! Do keep in touch with her ya! :)

    Kei Kei and the huge bear!!! Muahaha, 1.6m, quite a giant though! :P