-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

what a pity...my blog

i do not have a practice of writing blog daily
i will post a blog whenever i'm not feeling good or in other hand, when i'm happy
it made me down as whenever i log in to my blogger, i saw no comment on my blog.
is it because of no-one is reading it or the readers couldn't understand what i'm writing about?
i do not write much about my life here, but right here were the memories of me and my dear.
if wanna know more about my life, please visit my MSN spaces.
see ya...

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the changes of my life because of U

without U, my life is messed;
without U, my life is totally a lost;
without U, i hardly be myself;
without U, everyday is a rainy day;
without U, i sleep earlier than i always do;
without U, i hide my tears underneath my blanket;
without U, ending up loneliness stay up with me;
without U, the world does not belongs to me;
without U, my life became meaningless;
without U, i have no one to turn to when i'm down;
without U, i couldn't spell "tomorrow";
without U, i'm afraid of bedtime, overnight made me swollen eyes.

i stare at the ceiling every night, thinking of U every minutes and every seconds, by using my swollen eyes.
wondering how do you feel now?
i gave you everything that i could,
as you became the meaning of my life,
everything & everything is because....
because U took my heart away....

Life without U,
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