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If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

Blame it on?

This post might be slightly rude in the sense of offending some parents. However, who minds and who cares if I really am speaking the truth of it?

No doubt that nowadays both father and mother are working hard in order to earn some extra income in order to support the heavy expenses of the family, providing a better environment for the kid or the children, hence, unlike the traditional way where father alone is no longer the bread winner for the family. As consequence, parents have to send their kid/children to daycare or in a common word, kindergarten. Well...here's the question. Are the parents over-expecting the daycare center turned out to be the "home" for their kid/children? Exactly, parents are getting more and more greedy, they even expect the person-in-charge of the daycare to babysit their kid, furthermore...done the checking of the kids' homework in detail. When they got the stars (reward) in the marking from their school teachers, everything's fine; BUT when the school teachers marked them incorrectly, what more? You're dead! Indeed! They will definitely find fault up until the top of your head as if they're the innocent and you're the one who created this! So....who's the one to put this blame on? Please judge!

Fine...I'm fine with the blaming...there's only one thing I'd like to remind to them. Don't you think you have the responsibility of taking care of your own child as well? Don't ever try to put the blame to the others right before you've done your own part!

I sympathy to those kids whoever sandwiched in between the teachers and the parents. They have to bear the pressure from the parents, on the other side, the teachers are just like giving tons and tons of mountainous homework. Who's suffering in the end? There's no one but the kid.
What a sigh! However...that's reality, ain't it?

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  • Good post for this! Thumbs up! I'm glad that you can write this out, in the way to express the truth for this kind of situation!

    Indeed, the kids are the ones who will have the most suffering moments! Put in this way, parents nowadays focus on their works too much, in the way of that, they might neglect their kids, and therefore, they expect the daycare centre to take full responsibility on their daily homework. They can only see the problems, the outcomes, but in the end, do they realize the causes of these problems?

    Cool down will ya? Don't ever blame yourself too. Ya, we should sympathy on the parents too, as they do not know how to take care of their own kids. Furthermore, blaming on others without taking good care of their own parts, is quite shameful.

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