-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.


#1 - Christmas Eve at E&O Hotel

#2 - Blogger gathering at Winter Warmers

# 3 - Titiwangsa Waterfall

# 4 - At Fort Cornwallis (look at Komtar, it is hyper small!)

# 5 - At Fort Cornwallis and were fooling with the gun!

# 6 - Hmm...Fort Cornwallis as well... (Thanks to PN for the shooting!)

# 7 - Titiwangsa Waterfall

Finally....my YE, in other words, my Japanese sister has went back to her hometown on last Friday.

Frankly speaking, I was relieved and yet I do missed her at times. Still, not yet adapt to the life without her, sharing a bed with me, teaching me some basic Japanese language, sharing happiness together.

Well....indirectly, I'm here to introduce you our video clip which is specially created for my YE, Ms Satsuki Torii. A round of applause for Akira and his friend, Levian for the piece of this hard work.


Ding Dong!!! Time to work hard.... Desperate for income! *winks*

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  • Yes, we do really miss her since she went back to Japan! Same with me, I still cannot adapt with the life of going out everyday with you both! :P ... and now, I'm sitting at home everyday, with a little bit sense of boring, though. :P

    Now you know what the video looks like, right? As I mentioned to you before right after she came to Penang, that I will do this for her as present. Don't mention it, as I'm the one who hold all the photos and details, so, just let me handle the rest ya! Oh ya, have to thank my friend who translated some Japanese for me! :)

  • Wow, got photos!!! Love it!!!

    Have to thank PN and Cacing for their photo takings too! :)

  • U looked so cute just like ur Japanese sis.

  • haha! i came 5 days only already everyday go out with both of u n akira! she almost a month outing with u guyz, for sure u guyz miss her alot!!

    haha~ tat video was really coOL!!
    o.o" the photo in titiwangsa waterfall was pretty!!