-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.


I'm sorry for not updating my Blog for such a long time. Well, things had been getting from fully packed to relaxing period; and yet now from relaxing holiday going to be flooded with tons of tasks, again. Tasks are neither the JIT (Just-In-Time) assignments nor Examinations, anymore. Instead, they are lists of series, such as Glee, Lie To Me, Gossip Girls, Prison Break, and etc.... That should be more than enough for me to go through my long semester break. Additionally, novels are piled up in my room, you know what....Twilight, New Moon.... (I might be a little outdated 'coz I am reading them right now but you guys might finished reading'em centuries ago) What a life, isn't it? (Not bragging, just...just a brief picture of my current life)

For the past few weeks, I went through for my Examinations so I did not grab a chance to update my Blog. Following up, I switched the plan for my Internet Service Provider, to a better and worthily one I supposed. Hence, sorry again 'coz I couldn't write any post for approximately a week. Well said, ain't it?

During the month of June, my mind was overflowed with tons and tons of thoughts, evils...darnly evil thoughts! Sometimes I loathe on myself for behaving such a way. I kept questioning myself, am I doing the right thing? Am I doing things right? Well...I was relieved that I did not burst'em out here, you know there's a rules for Blogger, think twice before you write anything, it's not a good sign to write without filtering. Well...at least I am practicing and stressing on this, but ignore this if you are not. Stop beating about the bush anymore, straight'em up, Yeap, exactly I'm talking about human behavior, once again. I wonder how many times I've been bringing this topic up in my Blog....

No doubt people do loves apple polish, but please limit it!
Exactly people procrastinate much, but please acknowledged the due!
Please do not be such a boastful, acting as if you know every single tiny stuff when you're not!
Show some respects please, my dear...to the elderly especially!

I hope this is not a rude post, swearing neither fingers pointing to anyone, just a sharing out of thoughts that I hardly expressed out. It has come to the stage where.....things are completely indescribable in 26 alphabetical. Just for sharing purposes....

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PS: The Random Post Ever
(Apologize but deeply no offense)

3 colorful drop(s):

  • Sounds like a perfect school break to me. Oh, aren't they great all the twilight saga? Hope you enjoy reading them.

  • Just manage your time properly, and I'm sure that you can handle your things very well. Dont forget your drama series ya, especially Prison Break!!! Hiak hiak! XD

  • Nathary, not perfect enough to me though. =) How're you doing by the way? Yea, almost finish reading my Twilight saga, and they're so great!!

    Akira, exactly, time management is most importantly!