-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

durian fest on 240509

fu-yoh!!! as we had been busying for wesak day preparation, so, there comes an opportunity for us to enjoy the yummy durian in balik pulau. =D
there were a total number of 68 members who joined the durian fest yesterday. a friend of mine, who is a friendly and kind-hearted guy, gave us a ride to the destination. *thanks buddy!* however, i guess the driver is friendly but not the car, of which i knocked my head twice on the window. lol
there were 6 of us sitting in a car, i still remembered the car plat number, P?? 7976 if i'm not mistaken.
PS: move away if you see this car! lol...
he drove madly yet fun...speedy! a new kind of experience that i have never ever tried before! (i was like sitting in Jay's Initial-D car, serious!!) i was shocked at first but slowly i get used to it. =) we had fun and jokes along the way.

this picture was captured while we were enjoying our yummy durian. starting from the left is yuan jie, xi liang, me, wei zhen, kai tzong and our shifu. i have never been to balik pulau before. i love the nature environment. and i can describe it as a kampung style. relaxing.....

a closer touch with the nature

fortunately, i'm able to snap the scenery over there =D

a group of buddy

this is the mini water-fall

have you seen the flesh of a durian?

before going back, we went to tropical fruit farm which located in teluk bahang, and i tried this so-called famous ice-kacang, hmm... tasted not bad =)

i enjoyed the outing so much although it was a tiring one. i tried out variety types of durian, a bitter one, a sweet one and etc.
what are you waiting for?? you should give them a try although it has a strong fragrance!! =D


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