-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

the view

today after having our class, me and my classmates went out for a movie. we watched "night at the museum 2". it was a nice show tough, i enjoyed the joke in the movie so much. after all, my friend dropped us at college after the show. the minute before i drive my way back home, i felt like wanting to go to the beach. so, there comes the picture that i've attached here. i felt totally relaxing when i came to the beach, hence, i simply snap a few pictures as i felt it would be best to describe my feeling now! yeah! you got it right!! it's loneliness. in other words, you can describe it as cold and blue, very down and full of disappointment and heart broken! i might be bleeding inside although i looked quite optimistic all the time. i wonder how should i re-act especially in front of you, in front of the people who cared so much for me, in front of my friends, in front of my family. should i always smile all the time? or should i expressed out everything whatever i had on my mind? some friends advised me to take it easy, yah, i knew it seems much easier to speak than act.

when i was at the beach, i started to think about the past. those either sweet or unpleasant memories that we used to had together. it might sounds a lil' weird why i'm still thinking of him although i knew that i shouldn't since the day where trust and honesty no longer exist in our relationship. as you can see in the pic, footprints are left behind after our journey had started. some leftovers are a lovely one, some are wonderful, some are pain-killing, some are remarkable, some are unforgettable. what about my leftovers to you??? are they still with you?

time will heal me, perhaps! when only can i get recovered? i'm sorry, anti-biotic isn't works to me even though you use it overdosed. sigh..... by the way, i'll always make myself happy...

thanks for reading...

By Jes

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  • hey
    love the new theme
    so relaxing

    i like it when u describe ur journey wif the trails on the sand

    i sort of understand how u feel, & oso wat u said bout it's easier 2 speak than act which is not true & unfair 2 u

    i m really worried bout u as a friend. u look so cool but i know inside u r not. i mean if tis happened 2 me, i'm not sure if i could handle it tat well like u did. rmb: wat u did is correct.

  • Girl, you can find someone to talk to. At least there is someone to talk to it makes you feel better. The best listener will be your mum. If you don't want to make her worry maybe you can look for a close girl friend and talk to her. You don't need to hide these as they will make it feel more bad.

  • lim: thanks and i like the new theme too...
    feli: ya, i did share everything with my mummie... she knows everything about me... =D

  • One thing I love about beach is to make me relax and one thing I hate about beach is to make me think of the past.

    For me, there are something to be said not to look back and regret about the things in past. Life goes on and I know it's easy to be said than done. But that's what called life, doesn't it? If life is so perfect, then we have to be worried. The painful pasts we face, the more we can be stronger.

    Good luck,

  • 再约个时间吧, 我会带你去沙滩走走!