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Diploma Graduation Ceremony @ G Hotel on 6th March 2010

Shall we let the photos do the speaking?

#1 - Greatest moment of all!

#2 - Seated accordingly for the ceremony

#3 - Mummy and Daddy

#4 - Happy moments are meant to be shared with the loved one
(Thanks for the lovely hand-made chocolate bouquet!) *huggie*

#5 - Leo Club Buddy, Akira

#6 - High School Best Buddy, Ai Phing

#7 - High School Buddy - Cindy Ng

#8 - High School Buddy - Khye Yen

#9 - Buddy, Monkey Daddy and Teng Mummy

#10 - Course mates - Yvonne (center) & Amely (right)

#11 - Head of Business School, Dr. Liew (center) & Amely (left)

#12 - Course mates - (from left to right) Hangen Tan, Yvonne, Fion Lim, Kuen Mun, Jesyca, Lay Fern and Amely

#13 - My College Buddy - Fion Lim

#14 - I am, moving forward towards a brighter future!
All the best, my fellow friends!

Special thanks to PN Lim who photo shoot for the whole ceremony. Dedicating deepest gratefulness to my parents, their hard work has finally paid off, absolutely with the continues supports from my brother as well throughout the 2 years and a half Diploma course. Specially thanks to my dear friends who dropped by to my Convocation ceremony, and their present had made my day became more meaningful!

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