-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

The Characteristic

Commonly how do we define a character?
Well... It simply means indicating a special quality or identity that distinguishes or identifies a person or thing or class.

No doubt, we, as a human being, we are given the extraordinary ability and capability which enable us to think, think and think before running blindly and falsely into a final decision. And fortunately, we are given the choices as well of which characters we wished to be in. The same thing applies when it comes across our different mindsets and perceptions. Possibly and mostly, human being can be divided into 2 large groups, which is the positive thinkers and the negative thinkers. Yes, you may begin to action now! Be prepared and make up your mind of which thinker group do you wish to be in.

It is the crucial time for a decision-making. Be it positively or negatively?
Probably you may seek some advise from peers or family; probably you are the type of which do not wish to be influenced by anyone. Perhaps, a clearer picture will appear soon after you analyze the circumstance stated below:

** What first comes across your mind when you saw a transparency glass which contains a quarter level of water? **
Think about it and see how it reflects your personality. Interesting enough to find out which groups are you in.


"Oh! Thankfully there is still, some water leftover though not much!" This will be kind of the answer provided and always thought by the positive ones.

"Sigh! Why the leftover is only a quarter but not in the full?" A contrary, never-ending-satisfactory answer by the negative thinkers.

Unlucky, Unfortunate, Cheerless - Life still, has to be carried on
Lucky, Fortunate, Cheerful - Life still, on the go
Just do it! Learn on how to change the way of thinking and be a cheerful one! =)
"Happy" awaits you ahead!

PS: Sorry but no offense.

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  • Hey,somehow I think you "copied" my format of writing my latest blog on First Impression and Inner Beauty. There's the definition in the introduction, the "poem" part in the conclusion and the P.S. at the end!

  • *LOL*
    If that so, i apologize sincerely.
    However, for your information, i did not read up your latest post yet. =)

  • Oh dear, sorry for accusing you.
    Hmm...maybe great minds don't only think alike, they also think alike concurrently. I feel the chills when we both blog in the similar format at the same time. *SHIVER*

  • Seems like u both had a cute misunderstanding right here!

  • Yes Fion, I agree with you my dear. =)

    What else could I say more, it was a coincident and yes, it is a cute misunderstanding. *Haha*

  • Nice thinking, Positive is nice but sometimes when you care for others your thinking might went to the other side...(negative side) so hope we human can keep it up...

  • Decision making is a critical part, either you will make it right, or vice versa. But the most important thing, is the process on how you make the decision.