-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.


Last Saturday was my day (as I wrote it on the previous post), if you managed to recall it.
Nothing to be secret about, I went for photo shooting.
A friend of mine, who has been interested in capturing and freezing the valuable moments, he kindly arranged a photo shooting session for me and Amely. There were a total of 7 photographers, among them were Serene, Aileen, Janice, PN, Willy, Tang and William. Thanks to all of them. Besides, specially thanks again to our make-up artist, Jayce.

Sharing some of the selected piece of work (which are my favourite among all) :

Lynzi Photography (Aileen)

Momento-Photography (Willy)

Serene Photography

Tang Photography

Janice Photography

PN Photography

Please feel free to comment though it's positive or negative feedback. =)


10 colorful drop(s):

  • Hehe~ I like the 1st picture~

  • Whaoooo... I can't help not to say that it's the best yet sweet photos you got here. -Wink- You can be a movie star of course, or Korean movie star? teehee
    I admire the one who took for u too. He/She is very professional.

  • Thank you Zack, I like that too, all of them are my favorite. =) Still have a lot but I did not upload it here, perhaps you can view it on FB which uploaded by my friend. *winks*

    Thank you, Panharath for liking the photos. Nah, it's still a long way if really want to be a movie star. Furthermore, that idea had never crossed my mind before. *Winks*
    The photographers are sharing the same interest and professional in the field as well. =)

  • I checked your all photos in FB and I wowed again. A bro of mine just bought the new prof camera, but we have not yet tried it. We have to learn how to have the best photos like your photographers.

  • Oh well, thanks again.
    I'm sorry that I can not help much regarding the shooting as I am not knowledgeable in the photography field. Perhaps, you can visit the blog of "Momento-Photography" which is listed under my favorite list.
    Hopefully it helps much. =)

  • U look incredible Jes, I think u're more feminine than me, if I were a boy, I might in love with a girl like that, not a girl like me.

    With that pro snapshot, u can be a model. Nice to see ur charming pics. Keep posing more, okie?

  • Thanks sweetie Nathary,
    your comment is making me flying up to the sky. *Hooray*
    I am just making the shooting for the sake of fun and planning to make it an album. =)

    Great, I am enjoying my single and available life now. Well, not in the mood of going into a new relationship yet after went through the previous, heart aching one, perhaps I will, in future if I meet the Mr.Right. *Wink*

  • woo..its nice...!
    i like it...
    how the natural backgound suit with the model... WONDERFUL!

  • Thanks
    Ting mummy *winks*
    having more but i did not upload them, share with you next time. =)

  • 那些照片, 看了都会觉得很舒服呢! 有几张照片, 真的很适合做postcard哦! :)