-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

although i'm exhausted but i do enjoyed ^^

woohoo~ finally!
i'm extremely tired and exhausted now, i need a break seriously.
reaching home with backbone ache, a pair of panda eyes, painful legs but i brought a back meaningful stuff - friendship and a huge, lovely family who managed to live under one roof.
actually, i went to a youth camp, and i joined them as a voluntary.
i met lots of friends, they are all talented and strong in different fields, too many knowledge and experiences that i can and have to learn from them. A 4 days and 3 nights camp is kinda fun, lovely, caring, meaningful and yet tiring.
i love the environment in which everyone always carries a smile on their face, the courteous way of speaking, how the discipline being carried out and the creative yet meaningful games.
having the opportunity to experienced all these, i hereby need to express my appreciation to khai tzong(i spell it correctly!), without him informing me about the camp, probably i would be doing something else during the days where i spent in the camp.
last but not least, i need to thank our dear leader, hui ri, he did a great job during the camp though there were few negative feed backs which i viewed them unimportantly but as a positive encouragement for a better enhancement of our group service. you're great man!
it's time for bye-byes. =)

By Jes

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  • DEAR~!!!!lolx..

  • That's funny, Mr. Yy.

    Anyway, Jesy, it's normal that some ppl are very friendly. But calling us dear so soon, like after an hour of chatting is a little be eerie, but also it depends on who that person is...

  • sorry comment on wrong post..lolx....

    GL: ur friend banyak mempertahankan awak...lolx..

  • By the way, Nath, i felt eerie when someone whom i just befriended for not more than 24 hours called me after those flirtation names. I do not get myself comfortable with it and yet i dare not confess it directly to that friend, i was afraid that my confession might hurt that friend. Thus, this has been putting me in a dilemma whether or not should i tell him frankly of which i do not wish him to call me after those names.

    Yy, yup you're commenting on the wrong post. Anyway, who do you mean by saying "my friend"? I do not think this is a kind of protection. I oversee it as something frustrating and which has been hunting me for nights. Especially nightmares. =)What i could say is "Oh my Buddha!!"

  • 你真的很喜欢去参加类似的生活营哦, 假如我有参与的话, 一定会约你一起去的... :P