-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

A Public Speaker

As a public speaker.
Being required by someone who is either your superior, your lecturer, or the unknown to speak up is not an odd thing today. Commonly, it is known as impromptu. Impromptu, is an activity of which a question is randomly thrown to you by the speaker. In no time, you have to stand on your feet and say what you want to say, the way you want to say it. And, right or wrong, people form a perception of who we are and what we represent by the confidence that we show when we speak. (The Leader's Institute 2001)

As a subordinate, you are expected to speak up on behalf of representing the organization. There is no other ways of which you think you might be able to escape from it. For instance, you, as a representative of your firm, are required to deal a business with another firm? Or undergo a negotiation? Hence, presentation is necessary.

As a student, still, we have to undergo the similar process or activity done by the others. Spending off 2 years and a half in order to obtain a Diploma certificate, there is no such thing available known as "short-cut" or "express way". In fact, we must go through mountainous of mid-term test, examination, coursework and the most importantly - a presentation of our results and findings of our assignment. In college or university, is a commencement to well-prepared ourselves, and in addition, learn as much as you can or in another words, absorb as much knowledge as you can just like a superb sponge. Through listening and observing the other presenter, is the best way to learn and enhance the way of our presentation and absolutely, obtaining a useful and powerful skills.

Realizing that either impromptu, public speaking or presentation is getting more and more important nowadays, I should put my best foot forward in mastering the at-least basic skills.

Setting up my new goal, which is a step forward from others - Be a successful and attractive Public Speaker!


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  • This is by far the most motivating blog I ever seen.
    Good job, Jesyca!

  • Thank you, Lim.
    It was great having you guys as my team mate. =)

  • It's so great to know all these tips. I think u're a great speaker already. I like ur writing about this matter. Speaking in public used to scare me half to death, but not as much now. I have seen some ppl memorized all the stuff to present, but they eventually ended up sounding like a robot! I wish they could read ur post too, bcoz it's more to a presentation than just letting ppl hear what we say, but to make them listen to what is being said.

  • Thanks Nathary.
    I'm still on my learning progress to become a better one. Speaking in public used to fear me, too. However, i managed to conquer my fear by keep reminding myself i have to make each and everyone of the audience understand and listen but not hear what i'm presenting. That's my winning point. =)
    Let's work it out together!

  • remember to start with a smile. =)

  • Hey Mok,
    glad to see you here, visited my blog. =)
    Yea, you're right, we should start our presentation with a SMILE. Even tough we're not presenting, we should at least, smile when we meet anyone, right?

    I read your blog, as you required, I did not leave a comment but i actually wished I could.
    You seemed having mountainous of problems which you chose to lock it up to yourself instead of exposing it and share with your friends.

    No matter what it is, I'm always ready and am willing to open up my ears to be your listener.

  • I like this post, really! Improve yourself in future, and you shall achieve your Public Speaker's dream ahead! :)

  • Thank you Akira!

    I need some guidance from the seniors to polish me up. Hehe!!
    (Mentioning about you, senior!)