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Tagged - 10 Random Facts About Me

Thanks to Nathary and Panharath for the tag. (I have to start scratching my head, and knowing more about me myself, now.) Below are the 10 random facts about me.

1. Absent minded
Not to say about reading a book, but memorizing facts for my examination or test, I always get myself messed up with all those information which previously 'installed' perfectly in my brain. Guess what? I have been trying to use mind-mapping for the solution. And hopefully, I can get over with it now.

2. Hating liars
If telling a lie is one of the practice you used to have, get it off right now! I mean it! I loathe liars who managed to telling lie around and yet, they still return you with a "smile", treating as nothing is big deal about speaking falsely. Wondering are they able to sleep tight or getting nightmares every night, afraid of their lies will be exposed, in the future??

3. Blogging
Realizing that myself be fond of blogging nowadays. Reading others' blog is a way to enhance myself, my language, my thought, at the mean time, collecting and storing new vocabulary into my vocab-pocket. As what I used to say, "Blog is a way to express." Blogging, allows someone especially those belongs to the type of introvert to speak up their mind, to express their blues and joys, and sharing the moment of joyful and tearful virtually. (There is always TIME boundary of which we can hardly attend every functions, hence, we can be shared it through our blog.)

4. I'm a Saggi
I was born in the month of December, as everyone knows, it's the month of Sagittarius. According to various horoscope-fortune-telling, they describe Saggi as someone who is flirtatious, unfaithful, and fell in love easily with anonymous. However, I strongly believe that I am a person who is kinda loyal, I can sometimes be flirtatious to those friends of whom I have befriended for years, or in other words, my bestie. Admitting that I am a person who is easily to like someone (means having a strong, and weird feeling towards someone such as wanting to know more about that particular person), but...but...BUT never ever categorized me in the group of "falling in love".

5. In love with Korea!
Korea culture, Korea language, Korean Drama, Korean dishes and etc are all my favourite. What can be concluded is, "I love Korea!". No doubt, I will fill up my free time by watching Korean Drama and starting to learn about the language and the culture practised by the Korean. What more about travelling? Definitely I'll be voting Korea as one of my favourite vacation to-go-list.

6. Cool VS Friendly
My impression to everyone. Trust me, each and everytime when I receive feed backs on my first impression from my friends, they will be saying "Hey! Why were you looking so down and cool on our first met?". In fact, I'm neither trying to be looking cool nor not into the mood. That probably is because when I was thrown into a new environment where I have to start everything from scratch (from ice-breaking, getting to know new friends to mixing around), I prefer to stay quiet and observing the others until I am motivated by the others, only the words will be uttered out from my golden-sealed-mouth. Perhaps, during the whole process, I am being really cool. Discovering it by yourself and I bet you will be surprised after knowing me for a certain period - a friendly me.

7. Able to read basic body language
Believe it or not, what is playing on a person's mind can be shown out through his/her body language. In other words, body languages speaks one's mind. I'm not bragging as I am able to read one's body language. Having the ability of reading one's wants or needs is one of the reason why I am proud of myself.

8. Dress code
I used to stick to simple and nice in dressing up myself. Fancy earrings, necklaces and bracelets are not something I'm very particular with, including make-up. Probably it ends up making me looks like someone who is unfashionable.

9. Loving English
As a Malaysian, I'm proud of myself of the ability of speaking the language of English, Mandarin, Malays and other dialects such as Hokkien, Cantonese and Hainan. However, among these languages, I prefer in exposing myself more to English. Although I noted that my English is not as good as some of my friends, but I'm willing to learn and improve it. I promise!

10. Finishing the game, now!!
Couldn't believe my eyes that I'm about to finish the game. Hopefully you enjoy reading it. =)

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  • 1. my bestie even forgets that she has a little sister. So absent minded is so common. Teehee

    2. Hate liars? I don't feel hatred in lying. But u make ur point clear, u hate cheaters than lairs. How about lying to save a life? Do u hate it? Things come in both way, u have to take the good with the bad.

    3. I like blogging too. Give me five!

    4. Sounds like an interesting sign!

    5. It makes me laugh knowing about u in love with Korea. Well, it's so much the same for most Cambodians like me.

    7. Maybe u can read lips if u say u can read body language. It's a difficult thing to master, it's even harder than learning to use sign language, I guess..

    9. Ur English is excellent! I love to read ur writing, it's very detail and just perfect in itself.

    Thank for sharing the facts.

  • Nathary, hopefully you wouldn't get bored with my facts. =)

    1. Oh, serious?? That's her own little sister, how could she forget about it??

    2. Yeah, probably cheater is the better word in describing it. =) Thanks, dear.

    3. *Hi5*

    5. You are in love with Korea, too?? Yeah, that's great!

  • All I know about Saggie is she loves having fun, do you? teehee

    Korean dramas are educational for all life lessons, which i love about.

    Forgets that she has a little sister, Nathary? Oh yab jean me teat jeng! lolzz

  • Panharath,
    Yea, Saggi is a fun-lover, I admit I am, at times. *Wee*

    Some of the Korean dramas are more to romance, perhaps? However, it is not realistic either. =)

  • 10 facts about you? That's interesting!!!

    Let me start one by one...

    1) Absent minded is very common nowadays. Believe it or not, I got this also! :P

    2) Give me five! Let's vanquish all the liars around us! :P

    3) Haha, I love to blog, and blogging is part of my life right now... I believe you love to blog too! XD

    4) Horoscope explanation is just for reference only, it doesn't apply to any theories at all. Being yourself, as Jesyca, is the correct path for your life! :)

    5) Perhaps you can teach me Korean next time? :P

    6) For these past few months, from the way I talked to you, the way I hanged out with you, and that's only one thing I need to say for you, your are cool! :)

    7) Try to read mine, and tell me later, ok? :P

    8) Simple, nice and can bring comfort to us, that would be just fine! Right? XD

    9) Yes, I love English too! I can see the passion for both of us when we are talking to each other, that we are trying to link our conversation with some English, right? :)

    10) Nothing to say about, but I wanna say, it is nice to know you!