-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

A stage

Frankly speaking, in order to stand on the stage, presenting for any event or any kind of activity is not an easy job nor a difficult task. What more if you are standing in front of a crowd? Or should I say it, in other words, in a complex? *shivering*

Well, first thing first, you should have the confidence, I mean in you yourself. Once you are confidence enough, anything spoken out by you or any action done by you shall be summarize in the one, and the only word - Beautiful. Yes, no doubt, Beautiful. A friend told me of it, "Be more confidence, believing in yourself, and act towards what do you think it is right, needless to ask more about it, (just like the slogan of Nike - Just Do It!)."

Before hand, I seemed to be the one who is lacking of confidence in myself. Somehow, soon after I got convinced by a few people. I am now, very thankful to my Leo Club President and Vice President, absolutely I'd like to thank to the Adviser Lion May, for suggesting and electing me to be the MC (Master of Ceremony) for their event, "Think Green, Be Green". Of course, not to forget my partner, Leo SP, too. *winks* Thanking you people for giving me such a great learning opportunity, providing me ways of direction, distinct effective training, endless supportive and encouragements, and last but most importantly, connecting me one step nearer towards my self-assured.

Although it is common to experience a tied-tongue on a stage when you are nervous; but, I still, took a deep breathe before I went on to the stage, and finally, I managed to conquer my fear without showing it through my face, and started my hosting with my partner confidently. (Sorry that I mentioned a few words wrongly in the beginning)

Fellow friends, I might not be performing well for the past event nor up to the professional level, but somehow, I had collected my courage and braveness, and gave it a try! I'm willing to learn and absorb as much as I can, and special thanks to Akira, for being the instructor, who has been pumping in endless inputs (of course a positive suggestions) and has been leading me to the right path for carrying things out. Arigatou gozaimasu!

For the compliments which I had received from the Lions after the event, I shall keep it deep inside my heart, and I will perceive it as a power to motivate me in the future! Roar!!!

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  • A nice work from you there, Jes!

    As I always believe , and have faith on you, there is nothing for me to worry about. Confidence, this specifically strength, you have managed to pull it out from yourself somehow!

    Some said that being an emcee is tough, and I would say that they did not possess the experience before, and hence they can say anything bad about being an emcee. There always be the first time, and it will be tough, but once you have managed to conquer it, the next time you won't have any problem on that!

    Being nervous is a very common situation, like me, I faced those situations quite a lots of times, but now, at least I can speak in front of audiences with simple and fluent speeches. Be patience, you will get through of this, and become an outstanding emcee, sooner or later! I believe this, and I have faith on that!

    Do keep it up, and well done for being the emcee for the event! Thanks for helped out a lots before and after the event, you are just like my right hand to me!
    Thanks again!

  • It's really useful to know that Jes.
    I wish I could be that confident, but all I do in my presentation was ridiculous. And sometimes, my audience end up laughing at me. I think I'm not good at speaking, I prefer writing better than.

  • To Nathary: High five! I also prefer to write than speak too!

  • Yes, agree with you, Akira!
    I need to go through a lot of practices before achieving what I have been dreaming of. Thanks for giving all the guidance.

    Nathary and Fion,
    Yea, no doubt, I agree that writing comes much more easier than speaking up. However, things does not allow us to make it non-verbal at times.