-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.


I'd like to dedicate this to whom who has been part of my life
Thanking you for making my life brighter and colorful
An appreciation spilled out from the deepest of my sincere heart


My Parents
Who brought me to this beautiful world
I am, appreciating them for the chance given
To be standing here, sight seeing the Mother Nature

My Brother
Who has been accompanying me since the day I was born
I am, appreciating him for the kindness and warmth
To be sitting right beside, giving advices and courage

My Friends
Who has been mixing around, playing with me
I am, appreciating them for being part of my life
To be noted down for my nostalgic growth

My Soul
Who plays an essential role as my faithful listener
I am, appreciating her for the willingness and patience
To be lying down, listening to my booby bedtime stories

No matter how much you liked or loathed on something
Try to...Appreciate it
Things should not be taking as for granted
Limit in one's self has the boundaries
Once crossed
Sorry, no more second try
That is why we are here
Learning the word - Appreciate

PS: Egoistic can be either positive or negative
My advice is, use it wisely
Otherwise, it will end up hurting yourself and friends around you

6 colorful drop(s):

  • A truly and sincere appreciation from yourself indeed! Your parents, your brother, your friends and your soul will find themselves being appreciated by one of the greatest gifts in their life, and that is you!

    Appreciate all the things that surrounding around your life, and you shall find your life very meaningful!

  • No more second try?
    I thought life is all about chances and opportunities to do better after failures?...

    Its a good advise on ego here... nice blog you have...
    Seems like you are having a hard time on your studies...
    Gam Ba Teh Jesyca...

  • Indeed, life is full of chances and opportunities. But on the other hand, do we have all the chances? or opportunities? Certainly not, from here, what we can do is APPRECIATE on what we have.

    A chance will not knock your door twice. If we have the chance, just appreciate it!

  • Yes, appreciate it especially when someone is giving you something. Even though how much you dislike it, but please keep tight the emo and the ego, and spill it out at the back instead of in front of the people.

    I am coloring my life, in order to make it a colorful and wonderful life. *blushed*

    Yea, I agree with the stand stated by Akira over here. Life is full of opportunities, grab it by yourself instead of taking things as granted like what you said, "life is all about chances and opportunities". Appreciate it when chances are given. However, there are circumstances if a second chances were to be given but it depends.
    Thanks for the encouragement and your visit.
    PS: Don't disappoint me in your exam! Keep it up! *winks*

  • You seem to be a kind of person who looks inwardly on everything, dear! Yes, sometime we should appreciate all the bad and good in life, shouldn't we?

  • We should, my dear! =)