-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

Saggi Baby!

Saggi baby is here! Celebrating my 20-ties for the past 2 days.
14th of December, it is my big day.
Well, birthday celebration for this year was indeed full of pranks, surprises and...tearfulness (being touched). *blushed*

Thanks to my Daddy, Mummy, Brother, cousin, and friends who dropped by on Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and Text me for a birthday wish. Birthday messages were all flying and had been surrounding me for the past 2 days. Well, I shall let the photos to do the speaking. Enjoy!

The earliest present was sent on the 9th of Dec into my E-mail in-box, specially requested by Akira, designed and drawn by Kemy. That's lovely, thank you so much!
On the 14th of Dec, the very first wishes dropped by in Akira's blog.
Click here! (It is written in Mandarin)

On 14th Dec morning, received a birthday present by Daddy, Mummy and my brother - A set of Altec Lancing VS2620 speaker
My brother prank me by giving me a small, separate present, but actually it was the adapter. *blushed*

After receiving the present from my family, these are the second gift. A home-made cheese cake with Ferrero Rocher topping, and a necklace by Joel. Thanks man!

Still, on the same day, went to Gurney Plaza Red Box (a karaoke lounge) with my course mates. A blouse and a coin purse gifted by Gaik Mooi, Amely and Khai Tzong. Thank you so much!!!

Avon products by my bestie, Fion. Lovely...thank you my dear! (She loves Avon products I suppose *winks*)

Went for a movie with 2 of my friends at night, "The Princess and The Frog", what a nice movie! I laughed out loudly throughout the whole movie!
A birthday card by Steven.

Another birthday present by Akira. Frankly, I do not know what should I call it, all I know is it will keep shaking its head no matter how hard I begged him to nod his head, it happens when it meets sunlight as it is a solar-based.

Another gift, "P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern". A gift from a friend who is a novel lover, there's no one else besides Akira, *LOL*! Thank you again! In addition, thanks for the dinner which came with a group of people singing birthday song for me. How surprising it is!

Stepping into my 20-ties right now.
And I shall act wisely and think carefully like an adult. *winks*
Thank you everyone, I had a great 20th birthday. I love you guys!
Especially the unforgettable prank in Leo Camp.

Last but most importantly, Happy 2010!
And...Happy birthday to me, myself - Saggi Baby!

3 colorful drop(s):

  • ... and I shall be here for the first!!! :)

  • Wow, you had wonderful birthday celebrations, all the way!!! Yes, indeed the celebrations were full of pranks, surprises and even tearfulness, but I truly believe you were enjoyed and felt happy for that, right? :)

    Same words from me, which come in three, "Don't mention it!". Hope you like the presents ya! xD

    Well, I'm very impressed of Kemy's drawing, thanks to her, where the first ever Jesyca's chibi drawing can be produced before your birthday, and sent to you being the first present! First surprise! Hehe!

    Placing you on the table! Yeah, and I did it! Haha, hope you don't mind about that ya! My intentions were to celebrate your birthday on blogging world (first time for you right?), and promote your lovely blog indirectly! Hehe!

    I can see that you have received a lots of gifts throughout the days, lovely isn't? Cherish all the way ya! :)

    Hmm, I'm not that sure what should I call it either, perhaps you can ask Satsuki later on! Just put that beside your window, and you can see it will shake its head always! :)

    Oh, that novel, simple, I can see that you like it, so... it became your present then... :P

    Haha, just a simple wish and singing from a group of waiters and waitresses, thanks to them too! Simple dinner, simple present, and simple surprise, will make your night truly memorable! :)

  • Stepping into 20-ties right now is not a bad thing though, as you are still young!!! :)

    Act wise, think twice, yeah, and don't forget, you must live your life with full of colours ya! :)

    Well, another few more days, and we shall celebrate the new year, hence, we shall move on with our life then!

    ... lastly, I shall say this, at here, right now, Happy Birthday ya!