-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

After exam, what's next?

"Finally" has becoming a more and more popular word which usually can be seen in most of my course mates' latest post in their Blog. Why? Yes, and you have got it right! Our toughest examination nightmares had just over! What a relief! Throughout the three subjects, I hoped that I did well for them; otherwise, I do hope at least I get a pass for all of them.

After exam, what's coming up next?? Well, unlike the others, I neither spend much of my leisure time watching and after the TVB series, anime, nor relaxing at home. As I might place myself under the "active & on the go" group. *winks* Well, needless to list down what is my to-do-task, or my on-the-go upcoming activities. That's pretty good and I'm glad that I've got a best friend, who I named after "portable hard disk" (PHD). *Blushed* This "portable hard disk" is absolutely the most unique, one and the only in this entire world. Pre-reminders, morning calls, and etc are all PHD's top multifunction! See, how good it is! However, I should appreciate for being PHD's friend, as I received a number of knowledgeable inputs.

Well, does everyone wear a mask? If they do, how often do they change it? "Be it yourself, put your best foot forward in it, and that is what you and everyone have to do." A friend told me this.
I will take up this and implement it on my role, I can do it, can't I? *winks*

Listening to the calming songs, Kenny G's album where one of his songs has reminisced me back to the past. It should be a few years ago, I suppose. It should now has became a nostalgic for me and it would always be kept as the sweetest and most memorable memories. The moment by Kenny G

Another photo sharing which I personally ranked 4 stars out of 5 for it. Reason? "Feeling" is the best reason of whatever I could think of. How do you rate it then?

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  • After exam, so what's next? A very good question for you, indeed! Watch movie, perhaps; Rest at home, maybe; Hanging out, mostly so; Listen to music, definitely will; ... and the list goes on...

    That so called "active & on the go" group, will lead you to another busiest month of the year. I believe so, ain't I? From the duties and responsibilities that you held upon, new experience and knowledge will come to you soon! :)

    PHD? Wow, that is so great! He, or she, definitely can perform its PHD duties quite often, right?

  • Just be yourself, you are Jesyca, and just be Jesyca's way! Yeah, you should take it up and implement it on your role and personality. You can do it!

    Kenny G, is one of my favorite artist too! I love the song, The Moment, so much! Until I have addicted with it long time ago! XD

    That photo was taken at Queensbay! I will give 4 stars too! Why, the reason is, the broad sunlight will show us the true path in the darkest hour. Just my thought.

  • Go get a boyfriend. U need love to nurture u at ur age:)

  • G'Luck with ur exam, dear! I knew u'll be great.

    Kelvin, it's not a bad idea for her. Lol...

  • Akira, Thanks for seeing an eye to eye with me in voting for the picture. Well, currently after exam and I guess you know what I have been busying with, right? Thanks again for your encouragement and everything so.

    Kelvin, you must be pulling my leg, ain't it? *blushed* Am still looking for the suitable Him, wondering where and when can I meet Him. Things doesn't work out as easy as I wanted it in that way. Hehe!

    Nathary, my exam is over right now! I get my freedom! Huuray, Nat!
    *blushed again* I'm looking for one...but still, ended up single. Hehe!