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If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.


The very first word, casual, this is very very casual post, again I'm pretty sure. Well, I have been hosting 4 days of my YE (Youth Exchange) who came far away from Japan, Osaka to Malaysia, Penang, and she is currently staying with me, and she will be making herself as comfortable as her home in Malaysia for a neither short nor long period, a 3 weeks' time.

Frankly speaking, for the first 2 days, I was kinda nervous and I started to feel exhausted and kinda losing my mind by the time I found out that we (my YE and me) could hardly understood each other due to communication barrier. However, after we have been mingling around for few more days, sooner and right now, extremely big acting of body language is no longer a necessity when we are communicating and please allow me to say it proudly that, the ice wall which lies between us has broken through. We got to know each other more and more throughout the outings, and I started to learn some Japanese language from her. Saying that from the bottom of my heart, she's truly madly deeply a great tomodachi (google up this word, it's a worth-learning word).

Uhmm... I just came back from attending the Welcoming dinner for the 7 YEs held in Stonebay Restaurant. There came a time when I was given the opportunity, speaking up on behalf of my hosting family. Well... my mind was totally a blank when I was appointed by my daddy to make a speech as he declined to be on the stage. Err...that's not the main point actually. The gist is that I really am, appreciating especially to my parents, where they allowed the family to host a YE, and I can assure that this is the first time my daddy attended to the functions of Lions or Leos. I wonder how daddy thinks about the function, but...I still, have to thank him and dearest mummy for allowing me to join the club as a Leo.

A casual blog, coming up with a casual title, and ended up with a casual closing. Appreciating! Thanks Lions and Leos! Last but most importantly, thanks to my YE, too! Leos, Roar!

PS: I will not be able to update my Blog as frequent as previous time, but I promise I will try. =)

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  • Indeed, this is a great experience for you to host a Japanese YE! 3 weeks for her to be here is quite short. Why? As I have observed, the schedules are quite tight, and time slowly passes by. But on the other hand, she will be staying here for two years! XD

    Chicken and duck communication, body language dancing, and even "Yes, No" questions are popping out from our mouths nearly everyday! But it is a fact that we need to talk to her more, and yeah, we managed to open her heart and break through the icy wall! :)

    That's great for you to speak in front of so many people, another great chance for you to learn how to speak in public! I can see that your parents has supported you since you have joined the club, well, keep the spirit up and high ya!

    Still, time is short, so have fun and enjoy your time with your lovely YE ya!!! Just let me know if you need anything ya! :)