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Smart Nite 2009

Let me bring your attention to the successfully organized Smart Nite which held on 25 October 2009 at E&O Hotel.
I was invited to the so-called prom night a.k.a. form 5 graduation night.
Coming up are some sharing which I managed to snap but, but...but using the camera of my cell phone. Sorry for the low-quality of 3.2 mega pixels although it is a cyber-shot camera. However, the quality has decreased after I made a zoom, zoom, and zoom in. Frankly speaking, there's a reason behind that, I was arranged to be seated in the very last table, hence, I have no choices but to keep zooming it. *Sigh*

Pass ticket for Smart Nite 2009. (For staff, just like me, is a free entry, hooray!)

This is the overall stage design for Smart Nite 2009.

Performance by primary students - "I have a dream".

The performance of "Vivacious Vanessa" - which is one of the sponsors for the night.
Awesome! Look at the models, there are form 3 students. (Sorry for the quality)

Oops! Forget to mention about the food served in E&O Hotel.
Look at this, the food are delicious and delightful. Worth it!!
(But too sad they did not serve oysters and barbecue stuff)

That's me! What happened to my hair? Don't worry, I did a temporary DIY perm by myself. *Hehe* Thanks to the tools which I borrowed from my friend.

Congratulations to Be Smart Learning center for the successful and wonderful night.
Last but most importantly which I should not miss it out, credits to my employer - Mr. Eddie

2 colorful drop(s):

  • Wow! A very fast update from you!

    I like the design of the ticket, it looks so cool! And for you, a free entry for that dinner, absolutely awesome!

    The stage arrangement is just like a fashion show stage! Wait, Form 3 students to be the models? Wow, it is marvelous!!! From the pic you have taken, I really thought they are the professionals!

    The food in the hotel is above average, right? But, it is still got a long way to go, if wanna compare with Rasa Sayang. Hence, so, when we wanna go for it? XD

    What have happened to your hair? I guessed it was a temporary perm hair too, as I didn't see that on that afternoon! :P

    ...and I said, the photo is so lovely! :)

  • Haha!! Thanksss...I'm not as efficient as you are, still long way to go. (Things can be done easily in the eleventh hours.) Salute you! =P

    Yea, the ticket looks attractive, how I wished to keep it but you know, since I obtained a free entry, so I don't get a ticket pass. But it's ok, at least I managed to snap it! Hehe Sounds great, ain't it?

    Oh come on! Certainly there is a huge gap if you wanna compare it to the buffet in Rasa Sayang hotel, wise how dare they cost us RM99+ for it, right? I'm looking forward for it, by the way. Hehe

    Oops my hair, ya, I DIY it. Look matured? After reaching home only I did it, temporary wont last long, and that's the reason why I did not perm it in the morning. =)

    Lolx, should I be saying thank you for the praise of my photo? Hehe *Blushed*