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Bestie's 20th Birthday

26th of October 2009
That was a meaningful date. It was my bestie's birthday! Happy Birthday, Fion!!!
There were seven of us, who shared the birthday present among us and celebrated with her in the college cafeteria.
Wait no more, let the photos speak for the rest.

That's her present, look at the birthday card, they're lovely aren't they?

At first, we set a prank on her by just giving her a small piece of birthday wishing card in the class. "Sorry Fion, we had a hectic month and sorry again for neglecting you, we did not prepare anything but...but just this small card, hopefully you'd like it, Happy Birthday!" I said to her. Guess what? She duly nodded her head, and thanked us. (I knew she wasn't in the celebration mood, the body was not working well for the day)

After our class, me and Amely tip-toe to the cafeteria. Intelligently, Amely hid the huge box behind her. Soon after the seven of us gathered at the cafe, we surprised her with the present which had prepared earlier. I guess she was too excited to receive such an extra large size of present.
Here she goes, she's curious enough to have a peep into the hidden stuff in the bear-themed box.

(Due to certain circumstances, I have to grab 2 pictures from Fion's blog)
Here you go, the bear which trapped in the box for days, and now, she (Fion named her after Diploma) finally meets her owner, Fion. =)

May all your wishes come true, birthday girl!

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