-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

Give me a break!

Human...we often heard friends around raving and complaining on how busy they are, how much effort they put on something they felt it's worth doing so, and so on. Well, actually, do they hit a pause and think of why are they so into those stuff? What are they busy for? And why are they busying with it? And what are the main purposes of the word 'busying' goes on?

At times, I tend to get my life on the go and working so damn hard to keep myself as busy/hardworking as a bee. And right now, I've come to the point, I try hitting the break pedal, and questioning myself, what do I actually gain from all those activities that I've been busying for? In conclusion, I've been blindly busying for it, whenever an activity ends, I feel proud of achieving and done with it; but do I ever learn something from the particular activity? The answer is so clear where I would never answer a Yes to it. I never look into the activity, or should I say reviewing on the past events, but instead, we tend to carry on and on...until the day where we started to realize what we've been busying for is actually for a Nothing.

That is why the decision has came to my mind, well...don't be surprised, don't be freaked off, yes I'm gonna quit from my part-time job, resigning from the voluntary society that I've been joining, and concentrating purely on my study. The reason behind is, I really need a break! Break! Break, it provides me the rooms for further improvements, it allows me to review myself in enhancing my skills or personality, it gives me the spare time to spend with my family and my dearest, it gives me time to think of what I'm gonna do next. It sounds so wonderful with the word Break, isn't it?

Sounds funny? Not at all.
Well, I know some of you might disagree with my statement above, anyhow, you are welcome to leave any comments.

Jesyca will be right back, after the Break! =)

PS: Have a break, have a Kit-Kat

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  • Haha, well, I do support on that! Just give yourself a BREAK, and your will find yourself BREAKTHROUGH then! :)

  • Been through this before..as i were u..i will choose the same..life live for a meaning and a purpose..not just self-esteem..but for people we care, our path;a brighter future and prospect..

  • Akira, a break, a break, will gives yourself a breakthrough. Nice word, buddy!!

    Ryan, perhaps I am now in the same shoe that you wore few years back. Thanks for sharing!! By the way, I've linked you up! Nice bloggie you have! Keep it up!