-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.


Finally....i'm a step closer to a working adult, good news announcing that I've completed my study, yea...Degree study. At this moment I'm still waiting for the release of my results, absolutely I hope that I can get it all pass and kick start with my working life.

Human being is unique, especially if we were to compare between genders, a female and a male. Female, who are keen on expressing out themselves externally, they love sharing, caring and they will be speaking up their minds no matter they are upset or in cloud nine. Probably at times they prefer nagging, raving....just as simple as puking out tons of their thoughts, all and all they need is that someone lay back comfortably and listen to them. However, male who are not keen on expressing themselves, instead they prefer locking up their thoughts in their deepest heart without letting anyone to reveal their secret. Sharing is meaningless, that's what agreed by most of the males.

My mood swings, ups and downs just like a roller coaster, I couldn't help myself but just forced to stay on it. I'm too emotional to judge, to calm myself. A minute ago I was laughing out loud and a minute later; I might be crying helplessly. You might be questioning whether am I insane yet? No, I'm fine....just like any ordinary girl, all I need is only your concentration of listening to what I am or I will be saying. Simple tho?

All the above are just from my point of view. No hard-feeling and it doesn't represent anyone's stand. :)


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  • first, congratulation for you and welcome adult life! just so u know, adult n working life is not as fun as like in school. u will know it later soon.

    Second, totally agree with the facts of being male and female! i like to show my thought and feeling, and my mood swing like a roller coaster -.- yay