-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

After the storm comes the rain

After the storm comes the rain....this quote is usually used by people in describing a peaceful and warm sunshine after the storm hit the place. Regretting that I did not update my blog as often as I could, but promise I will be uploading more and more pictures from now on.

I am pretty much upset with all those stuff that happened around me for these past few months. Everything blasted out as quick as lightning, and we were not given a sufficient room to breathe, neither a thought. Fortunately, things got on smoothly and successfully. Probably I consider those 'outsiders' viewed it negatively, but to us, to me, and to my team....we are glad that we had been gone through this tough moment, and together here we are, we will achieve and strive for a better improvement and a better future. We Believe it! Rumors were flying around, arrows were shooting within, thank god that we were not hurt badly, we believe that the rumors creator will know when to seal his/her mouth off. As we strongly believe, again, time proves everything, everything! Please allow Mr. Time to say something, and YOU witness yourself. (Not intended to offend anyone, but if you are munching the chilli, you'll feel the spice)

I'm facing some technical problem in uploading my all photos to this blog entry, I will figure out it later. Please feel free to add me on Facebook. You may view all my photos on my profile. =)

My new team, Leo Club of Penang Metropolitan (Omega).


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  • Whatever the rumours are, just let them be. The rumours wont hurt us, as we stand on our ground, firmly, with dignity!

    We Believe that we can do it, and yes, now we have achieved our first goal, is to bring our team to the new beginning of greater height! Next, what to do? Yes, we have to walk as a team and march to our goals, with the enjoyment of the whole process.

    Way to go! We are proud of you as well! Keep it up ya!