-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

Process of Learning

Firstly, please do not take everything for granted!!! Process is still proceeding as we grow, day by day, year by year and occasion by occasion. Process is a must, as well as a path for us to grow maturity, catch up and be stronger than before. Question: Am I a failure in certain area??? I'd have my palm on heart and say it loud, "I'm good but still I can do better than this!"

Friendship...we are all surrounded by friends, which mean for those whom either you knew them or you did not, they are considered as your friend, at least, a hi-bye friend? I'm keen on making new friends, especially those across the boundary, which I am really proud of myself, frankly. =)
However, certain friendship will not be lasting...things just carry on that way, I'm not bothered to change anything or advise anything.... As if that friendship worth it, I might consider doing so.

Bravery...I wished that I can conquer my level of bravery in future. Receiving feedback commenting that I was brave in making certain decisions and I gained their respect. I must thank to those who commented, I know who you are. =) However, for things which I am very clear with or should I say as I am confident with, I will be very brave, even braver than other. If I were to put into a black box loaded with questions mark, as you know, lacking of confidence might degraded you and ended up things got done in a lousy and timid way. Let's take up that processes and challenges and paint it into another colorful piece of artwork, shall we?

Supporters are there, I know who you are. =) I'm just blog to cool myself. I hope that whenever I read this entry in the future, or for those who read it, may get the courage and braveness to keep your life going on, get fully re-charged whenever you are feeling down or lack of confident. =)

Let's work it out together!!! =)

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  • Glad to hear something from you, at least you've made that day as 'history' for you to refer back in the future^^

    Nothing much to comment much as this is what blog is, to release whatever you felt in words.

    Btw, you're getting more improvement in your writing style. I'm still waiting for some 'poetic' article. =)

    take care ^^