-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

value the value beneath

Holding a book titled 'tuesday with Morrie', a birthday pressie
Bookmark placed on page 157 half way of the stories
Yet lot of values I learned from previous pages
Regrets, Death, Family, Money, Forgiveness and etc...

Remembering once I was truly deeply disappointed over someone
Being cheated, trustworthy was torn
Fragile heart broken into pieces
Friends...Family...were among those who offered me warmth hands

Wondering...how many 10 years will be left in our life? 10 times? or 20?
Effort taken approximately 1 year for us to make new buddy
Effortless taken approximately 1 day to chase away an old buddy
How many true buddy will you be having after 20 years?

Positive regret causes beautiful remark, I strongly and always believe in
Remarks will turned nice if we're sincerely sorry over something which done wrongly
Ugly remarks will be leftover if we do not even realize our own mistakes
Life's short, I suppose every author emphasizes on it

Imagine how wonderful if you learn how to spell 'regret' & 'sorry' by heart
Money isn't essential but friendship is, do not chase away your friend day by day
People will forgive but they will never forget the scar carved
Stop acting as if a Kiddo, be a man and face reality

If possible, please grab 'tuesday with Morrie' by Mitch Albom
Either for your own sake, your family or whoever
Good karma goes after good people, bear in mind
Start to appreciate your friends instead of turning them down one by one...
All the best, that's what I'd like to convey to you...

PS: If you are reading this, please refresh yourself...you know who you are...

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  • I know about this book, but havent read it yet... :P

  • Good expression on what you're thinking before finishing the book. Hope this book may help you in your inner self or share with friends in need of mental healing^^

    Im sure people deserve such books to retrieve back whats actually plays the important role in life.