-By Albert Einstein-

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

Don't squeeze me!

fortunate for who we are
being protected, under one roof
a friend in need is a friend indeed
the family shelter will not last forever
the one long lasting might be our sincere friends

hitting the age, exposing to the real and yet cold world
experiences shall be gained throughout times
the ambiance naturally is neither friendly nor cool
the backstabbers are those managed to survive
we are taught and shaped in order to strive for own selves

procrastination disease in studies has knocked me down finally
tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow I whispered
endless tomorrow seems to put me right in guilt
different practices amongst has indirectly contributing to obstacles
toleration is the way of how a TEAM is born

"If life gives you lemon, made a lemonade"
true and precise quote indeed, hands on for agreeing
expecting more from the subordinates and yet unwilling to pay extras
demanding, controlling, monitoring and doubting
Hence, I learn, adapt and change the way I used to think

3 colorful drop(s):

  • "If life hints you a way, go ahead with it!"

    Friends indeed can be separated into several groups, ie: best friends, normal friends, say-hi say-bye friends, etc. We need to open our heart to differentiate them. :)

    Experience, is the tool for you to keep on going in life. Without it, you will remain the same in life. Life is crucial, and yet challenging, so get over with it, live with it, and change with it!!!

    Perhaps studies would be an obstacles for most of us, no doubt that I myself do face difficulties too. TEAM, for instance, defines as Together Everyone Achieves More, and hence, we need TEAM, to achieve our goals in studies.

    I learn, I adapt, I change. :)

  • very meaningful post! I hate backstabbers!

  • Backstabbers show their weakness.

    Btw, I like the TEAM your friend described.