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If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their Life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life.

1881 Chong Tian Cultural Hotel

Jesyca is back in action!

Once we've stepped into twenties, I realized that time really flies as compared to my old school days.  Apologize that I've spent little time maintaining my blog, eventually I poured my effort into my first job after graduating.

Happy 2013 to everyone! My brother is celebrating his 25th birthday this year in January, and we are glad that we grabbed the opportunity to have a family dinner at 1881 Chong Tian Cultural Hotel 中天酒店, which located in the Penang Heritage Town, Jalan Pintal Tali.

The antique decorations and the richness of oldies ambiance is the uniqueness of itself.  It is the only luxury gateway to the 19th century, with a history of 130 years old building in Malaysia.

Creamy mushroom soup as starter

We tried out the 3-course meal of Western Cuisine. Credits to the chef, the food was delicious.

Oven-roasted chicken - well cooked with a thick and creamy sauce, and the taste blends well with the Japanese mushroom (Hokto Kinoko), and mashed potato as additional dishes.

Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs - the texture of the ribs is soft and tender, and well marinated with the BBQ sauce, it goes perfectly with potato wadges.

Salmon Teriyaki - normally when the salmon is well-cooked, the flesh will not be juicy but surprisingly this salmon is well cooked and yet tasty and juicy, I really love it!


Besides, you can poses as many pictures as you want, the interior design is totally amazing! There is gallery aisle at upstairs whereby you can pay a visit.  They provide hotel room service as well, but the price is not really affordable, from the the range of RM588 - RM2188.

Anyhow, it is a nice try, definitely it worth for my second visit!

Location: 38, 40, 42, Jalan Pintal Tali, 10100 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: 604-2631881
Email: reservation@1881chongtian.com

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Finally....i'm a step closer to a working adult, good news announcing that I've completed my study, yea...Degree study. At this moment I'm still waiting for the release of my results, absolutely I hope that I can get it all pass and kick start with my working life.

Human being is unique, especially if we were to compare between genders, a female and a male. Female, who are keen on expressing out themselves externally, they love sharing, caring and they will be speaking up their minds no matter they are upset or in cloud nine. Probably at times they prefer nagging, raving....just as simple as puking out tons of their thoughts, all and all they need is that someone lay back comfortably and listen to them. However, male who are not keen on expressing themselves, instead they prefer locking up their thoughts in their deepest heart without letting anyone to reveal their secret. Sharing is meaningless, that's what agreed by most of the males.

My mood swings, ups and downs just like a roller coaster, I couldn't help myself but just forced to stay on it. I'm too emotional to judge, to calm myself. A minute ago I was laughing out loud and a minute later; I might be crying helplessly. You might be questioning whether am I insane yet? No, I'm fine....just like any ordinary girl, all I need is only your concentration of listening to what I am or I will be saying. Simple tho?

All the above are just from my point of view. No hard-feeling and it doesn't represent anyone's stand. :)

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Good start with tree planting project

You might be worrying that my blog will started to shift more towards to Leo events than my own thoughts. Nah....sit back and relax, I will still be writing on my thoughts, with exception that it will not oppose anyone who are reading.

First of all, please allow me to share this great news around.... My new club is on the news!!!

THE newly formed Leo Club of Penang Metropolitan District 308 B2 kick started its programmes by planting 23 trees at the St Nicholas Home.

Its charter president Jesyca Leong, 22, said that it was the club’s way of showing that it cared for the environment.

“Since the formation of the club, we want to take the opportunity to leave a ‘positive mark’ somewhere and what better way to do that than to make the earth a greener and cooler place.

“The 23 Agarwood trees were donated by kind and generous individuals and also the Lions Club,” she said.

Green effort: Leong (right) and Lion Club International District 308 B2 Region 1 chairperson William Lim Kok Peng planting a tree at the St Nicholas Home, Penang

The recent event also saw the installation of 12 members of the board of directors in their respective posts, such as charter pre-sident, vice president, secretary and trea-surer.

Present to launch the event was Tanjung Bungah assemblyman Teh Yee Cheu.

(16th August 2011, http://thestar.com.my/metro/story.asp?file=/2011/8/16/north/9254442&sec=North)

Will be writing more.... stay tuned ^^

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After the storm comes the rain

After the storm comes the rain....this quote is usually used by people in describing a peaceful and warm sunshine after the storm hit the place. Regretting that I did not update my blog as often as I could, but promise I will be uploading more and more pictures from now on.

I am pretty much upset with all those stuff that happened around me for these past few months. Everything blasted out as quick as lightning, and we were not given a sufficient room to breathe, neither a thought. Fortunately, things got on smoothly and successfully. Probably I consider those 'outsiders' viewed it negatively, but to us, to me, and to my team....we are glad that we had been gone through this tough moment, and together here we are, we will achieve and strive for a better improvement and a better future. We Believe it! Rumors were flying around, arrows were shooting within, thank god that we were not hurt badly, we believe that the rumors creator will know when to seal his/her mouth off. As we strongly believe, again, time proves everything, everything! Please allow Mr. Time to say something, and YOU witness yourself. (Not intended to offend anyone, but if you are munching the chilli, you'll feel the spice)

I'm facing some technical problem in uploading my all photos to this blog entry, I will figure out it later. Please feel free to add me on Facebook. You may view all my photos on my profile. =)

My new team, Leo Club of Penang Metropolitan (Omega).

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Process of Learning

Firstly, please do not take everything for granted!!! Process is still proceeding as we grow, day by day, year by year and occasion by occasion. Process is a must, as well as a path for us to grow maturity, catch up and be stronger than before. Question: Am I a failure in certain area??? I'd have my palm on heart and say it loud, "I'm good but still I can do better than this!"

Friendship...we are all surrounded by friends, which mean for those whom either you knew them or you did not, they are considered as your friend, at least, a hi-bye friend? I'm keen on making new friends, especially those across the boundary, which I am really proud of myself, frankly. =)
However, certain friendship will not be lasting...things just carry on that way, I'm not bothered to change anything or advise anything.... As if that friendship worth it, I might consider doing so.

Bravery...I wished that I can conquer my level of bravery in future. Receiving feedback commenting that I was brave in making certain decisions and I gained their respect. I must thank to those who commented, I know who you are. =) However, for things which I am very clear with or should I say as I am confident with, I will be very brave, even braver than other. If I were to put into a black box loaded with questions mark, as you know, lacking of confidence might degraded you and ended up things got done in a lousy and timid way. Let's take up that processes and challenges and paint it into another colorful piece of artwork, shall we?

Supporters are there, I know who you are. =) I'm just blog to cool myself. I hope that whenever I read this entry in the future, or for those who read it, may get the courage and braveness to keep your life going on, get fully re-charged whenever you are feeling down or lack of confident. =)

Let's work it out together!!! =)

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Everything fingers crossed

Kicking start it off with a simple Hi to all of you! I'm not going to explain further for my missing-in-action (MIA) for a few months as I will keep on throwing tons of excuses and bet they'll gonna bored you till the maximum. =)

Still, I'm furthering my study, estimating that I will be graduating end of this year, praying hard for everything went on smoothly (fingers crossed). Just like everyone else, first thing first, definitely I will get myself a job, this is what we called as life cycle isn't it, agree?

Realizing that I'm slowly growing towards the superstitious mindset, whenever obstacles occur, obviously I'll put the blame on the bad year of my zodiac. Who knows how many percent of it goes to true instead of false? Throughout months, I observed and I learned; being polished by the environmental forces which had already shaped and transformed me into another brand new me, perhaps more on my thoughts and actions.

Conflicts and politics are the essential issue which will exist at anywhere, everywhere as long as there lives people. We tends to link up conflicts with another word - tired, am I right? Obviously not physically but mentally. People around might be the one who suffers more than those who are already involved in the circle of conflicts.

Management, is another heavy word which commonly spoken by business field managers as well as among employers. So as conclusion, do you manage your boss or your boss manage you? I came across this book when I visited to the bookstore, "It's not how good you are, It's how good you want to be" - by Paul Arden. What a good quote as well as book title, unfortunately I did not grab myself one, bet I will own it sooner or later.

Communication, is another skills which requires tons and tons of practices. As the quote sounds "Practice makes perfect", but I used to tease my friend by saying "as no one is perfect, so why do you still practice?" (just kidding!!!) We learn as we move on, and we still learn when we are growing, and we will still be learning when we are aging...learning never ends.

Disaster......beforehand, I'd like to pray hard for those whoever stay in Japan, including my host family, my hosting Lions Club as well as my host sister, praying hard for their safety and everything. Same goes to everyone else out there, please appreciate everyone around you especially your loved one. We wont know when the world is going to end, so let's make use of our day, make use of every hours, every minutes and every seconds.

By gones....I forgive, but I will never forget. Fresh memories stay with me for the entire lifetime. =)
Trust me, I am putting my very best foot forward on every single task that I involved in. Praying for a better tomorrow, always.

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